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Heart problems

Hi all, currently undergoing some coronary investigations after a short spell in hospital.

I had a T.O.E 2 weeks ago & the cardiologist is working with my rheumy deciding if the irregular beats etc could be lupus connected.

Has anyone else had anything similar, the medics aren't giving much away at the moment so I am unsure if it linked or a whole new problem ?

I had been feeling good up until Nov when this came about, after a year on methotrexate and some dietary adjustments I have seen some big improvements, it seems like 2 steps forward & 4 back

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Yes! About 10 yrs ago I was having problems with an irregular heart beat. My Gp said stress so I ignored it. I had a pre op for a small operation and it was picked up again. I explained what the Gp said and it was put aside. Unfortunately whilst I was under the anathestic it caused complications and I had to stay on a monitor for 24 hrs before they would let me home. Having seen the cardiologist and been scanned no conclusion was ever made. Since then I have had my UDCD diagnosis and I am sure it was all connected. Certainly when I mentioned It to my R Consultant years later he seemed to think it could be. It was an inflammatory phase and i have not had any regular problems since. It is a good barometer of my general health, as I always know when I am coming down with a cold etc as my heart starts to do 'funny things'. Hope this helps.


Thanks Suzie it does, it's always good to hear what others experience.

Its such a roller coaster


Interested in this!

I had heart problems ten years ago, in fact I was put in hospital four times with suspected heart attacks but they turned out to be coronary artery spasms or variant angina, a rarer form. I also had an irregular heart beat, I was given lots of tests and angiogram but at that time no one suspected autoimmune cause. I was also losing potassium at a great rate yet no one suspected kidneys because guess what , bloods were normal!

I was put on a beta blocker and shortly after was put on low dose steroids for adrenal insufficiency and lo and behold the heart improved dramatically.They also put me on dailly potassium tablets as low potassium can cause arrhythmia.That really helped my heart too.

Very recently I was awaiting my large Depot Medrol steroid injection and my steroid levels were lower than they have ever been, as I cannot tolerate more than a little orally .Well suddenly my angina alarmingly returned with a vengeance. My GP thinks is it is definitely related to the autoimmune disease but I have not yet discussed my heart with the Rheumatologist, though he does think kidneys are to blame for the potassium loss.

I am positive myself it is all related, in fact I am sure virtually everything I have is this. It will be interesting to see how quickly it will take for my angina to settle with the larger steroid dose. I had the injection two days ago so it is too early yet, but I have had the angina for five weeks.

Hopefully your Rheumy and Cardiologist will sort it out and get you on the best treatment. I have certainly found the beta blocker completely fixed the irregular heart beat and I have no side affects with it at all.

All the best. C x


Hi, thanks for reply, yes I've been admitted twice in 4 months to coronary care now, they can't give me beta blockers as my resting rate is very low.

I do seem to be having frequent irregular beats at the moment but I am also suffering with my joint & fatigue - as you I am quite sure it's all connected.


Dear New,

I get the irregular beats a lot! I attributed it to Lupus - but I also think the fact that I take Coumadin every evening has something to do with it. It's a scary, uncomfortable feeling. My Primary Care doctor never seems concerned when I mention it....so I am thinking, yes, it is part of having SLE.


Hi, thanks, yes I'm quite sure now it is connected.


Don't think I am under reacting .. it's definitely something of concern. SLE is a vicious disease and can do weird things to people. My labs are so erratic! One week, everything is way abnormal and low, and two weeks later, in the normal range .. but then, what is usually in the normal range turns out in the abnormal range! It's not easy to keep one's sanity when these things happen to us. Labs on Tuesday - hemoglobin was 12.1. Two weeks ago it was 11.1. My thyroid is acting up, which raised my cholesterol. Every number affects another number. I get terribly frustrated when I talk to my doctors about "symptoms," one being the erratic heartbeat. They all give me the SAME response..."You have Lupus."


Hi Newloop

I alo am having a aorta ct angiogram in March ,with Lupus anything is possible and I was actually diagnosed with LupusSLE after having two small heart attacks, following the attacks I had an angiogram which showed no reason for heart attacks and was referred to rheumatologist who gave the SLE diagnosis 9 years ago.

In July 2014 I had stents being fitted for severe arterial disease in both legs am now having CT angiogram which may show any thickening of the aorta.

As I said earlier with Lupus SLE diagnosed anything is possible


Yep, it's certainly a ver unpredictable illness. Hope all goes ok with your tests


I can just commiserate. I had a cardiac ultrasound and a stress test last week as well. I keep getting chest pain when I lower my prednisone dose. They keep telling me different things--my EKG is OK, but not OK. I have some kind of defect, my atrium does not close fast enough, I have stage 1 (of what?). I think I'm going to ask for the doctor's report and see if I can Google myself into understanding. And of course is this a lupus thing?

Hope you get some clarity and help.


I have been told that although blood tests show i am having heart attacks any ecgs' don't. Will wait for the results this time .Best Wishes


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