Has anyone else suffered with this? I had a really nasty bout, never had it before, although have always had a 'sensitive' tummy. Ended up in A& E. Have been given PPI's which seem to be doing the trick. No one seems to think there is a definite connection between that and Lupus....I really don't know what to think. I am trying to alter my diet, which was already quite limited due to having problems swallowing anything too dry. Any useful hints or experience anyone can pass on? Thanks

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  • Hi jamg3916. I have cronic gastritis. Had a tube down into stomach to see how bad, very inflammed and also duodenum ulcer. I find the omeprazole helps along with Gaviscon Advance. I eat smaller meals and more often and I avoid bread if possible. I drink plenty when taking tablets as they can stick on the way down which brings on a painful attack. I also have chocolate milk as a back up as this coats all the way down. I was told it was long term anti-inflammatory use that is usually the cause. Hope I have helped. Try the Gaviscon though as it really does help. I hope it settles soon.

  • Thanks for that, I had not really heard of it before but on reading it seems fairly common. I have changed from dairy to soya milk as read somewhere that milk, contray to what I thought, can be an irritant!!! I often used to have a glass of milk when my stomach felt 'wrong'. Interested that you mention bread as that also seemed to make it uncomfortable, am trying soda bread at the moment, OK but different! I will try Gavison, am still on meds similar to Ompromozole, different brand name, and slowly trying to get eating back to some sort of normal. It really is vile....would like to avoid any medical procedures as just makes my anxiety go sky high.

  • Hi kathmax. I had had symtoms for ages before I said anything which was stupid of me as I ended up with an ulcer. I get pain in my stomach just about the middle of my ribs and to the left which can get unbearable. It's that bad I pour in sweat and tend to rock myself and deep breathe to cope with the pain. I usually have taken paracetamol tabs when this happens and have taken them on an empty stomach so am very careful now. I find Gaviscon sometimes helps if that happens but that flare can last a few hours. I am very careful with what I eat as I do find certain foods cause me to have trouble swallowing and therfore start a flare up. I cannot do without my omeprazole although I have cut the dose to one morning and night. I have less problems now as I have found what I can and cannot do and I cut my food up much smaller so I cannot swallow anything to large. Hope I have helped and hope you get yours undercontrol and manage it. Am here if you need anymore info. :)

  • Hi kathmax. I do suffer from diahorrea which before the diagnosis and treatment was very bad. I couln't leave the vicinity of the loo. I would also get very bad gripes the diahorrea was very acidic. The gaviscon you should try is the gaviscon advance but leave a gap between taking your omeprazole and the gaviscon. Also I find before taking tablets or even starting to eat I have a drink to moisten my mouth and throat. I also use oral balance in a gel or mouth rinse which artificially moistens the mouth. Hope this helps and you start to get some relief as I now how bad it makes you feel. I was told by the way that the not being able to swallow was my body not wanting to as a defence mechanism. Let me know how you get on :) .

  • Hi kathmax.Sorry to hear you are not well. Gastritis is not a nice thing to suffer with. I am trying to drop my omeprazole dose again. I dropped from 3 a day to 2 a day and now want to try just one daily. Stomach not liking it but I will keep trying. How the Lupus doing? Hope not suffering too much. X

  • Google FODMAP!

  • You mention that you have problems swallowing anything too dry - have you been assessed for Sjogrens' syndrome? I have SLE, Sjogrens' and Celiac. I have had gastritis in the past, but like you it has improved with PPIs. There are gastrointestinal manifestations with Sjogrens', so that might be something to look into.

  • had crossed my mind but rheumy always seemed happy to put it down to Lupus..think I will press the point next time I go.

  • Also had this flat lemonade always helped me but took couple of days. I know sounds odd but actually worked well for not only me but also my brother when he got it

  • What are ppis ?

  • Proton pump omoprozole

  • Proton pump omaprazole....

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