lupus care in stock on trent or uttoxeter

Hello am still on my search for relocation from london. I surveyed aberdeane and the cost of living seem the same as london. Glasgow was the next but my mum felt it is till far from the rest of the family. So now we are checking out stock on trent or uttoexter. The house rent are way cheaper than london and hope my mum office has a branch there. I need to know the hospital that care for lupus patients. my hospital here is st helier and they are the best. So please anyone in stock area pls tell me how the place is and how accessible the hospital is. Thanks and God bless.

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  • I live in Stoke on Trent. The hospital I go to is North Staffs and my Rhumy is Dr Kamath, when I get to see him. Otherwise I see Dr Dutta. They are both lovely but I feel it's very slow moving, and I don't get taken too seriously if I have to ring n see someone between my 6 monthly visits, but they will see you if your persistent. Every hospital apt that comes through is cancelled days or weeks before and then rebooked, which left me unseen for 9 months, so I guess it depends how much you need your visits. I've started to ring up every time it's canceled to complain as I work myself up and prepare for these apts. and have apts rebooked much sooner than if I wait for them to send another apt. But having said all that I realise that I'm lucky compared to some others around the country. I hope that is some help to you. Tough to find jobs here though, unless you have that sorted already. We'll take care and good luck with your relocation :)

  • hi I live in stoke go see dr craven. ok my lupus is mild at the moment. have to travel to hanley and catch the keele hospital link. hard going two kids at school. best looking at stoke cheap housing or Newcastle areas. let e know how you get on.

  • I have regular visit to my dr ever 2-4weeks bcos my lupus is quiet active. I might have to commute to london. My mum wants to get a transfer to uttoxeter. So it important to find out hospital. How is the weather?Thanks

  • Uttoxeter is a very small town about half an hour away from Stoke. However you would probably be able to access birmingham hospitals from there. At birmingham city hospital they have a lupus centre of excellence and I can't reccomend this department enough.

    Good luck with the relocation.

  • Thanks i will check out the birmingham hospital.

  • I too go to City Hospital in Birmingham and yes, like Tinythepanda, recommend it unreservedly. I travel 130 miles each way to go there! Good luck. C x

  • I too travel to city hospital and it certainly is worth the effort. Friendly and competent staff!

  • Thank

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