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Any comments ? I have picked up quite a bit of weight since starting Amitriptyline. Trying to lose weight I have started taking Raspberry Ketone caps. It contains only natural ingredients viz. Raspberry Ketone, Wild Mango, Baobab, Acai, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine, Green Tea and Guarana. Is this good to take with RA, MCTD and Lupus ? I am so full of aches and pains now-more than usual- can it be these capsules or would I be having these extra symptoms anyway ? Can anyone help here ?

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  • There is a general warning note regarding natural/health food stuff - not only because their manufacturing is not regulated, so there's really no clue as to how much of the supposedly good product is actually included there but also no idea how much bad stuff is used either. Secondly, with lupies the immune system is so haywire because of the lupus and its medication, that everything we add has to be done with caution, just so that we don't trigger allergies etc. if you look at the big websites about lupus - Lupus Foundation of America, John Hopkins, etc - you'll see that they encourage us to discuss supplementation with our rheumatologists, particularly because some of our drugs might be affected by the supplementation.

    Having said that - even if rheumatologists are ok with certain supplements, it doesn't mean that your body will not react to that particular herb/product.

    I personally try to avoid the promises in a herb pill and just try to lose weight by some other means - not easy. I've put on so much weight recently because of steroids, I don't know how I'm going to shed it. Maybe if I thread my mouth shut and put myself on a treading wheel like a hamster...

    But we are all different - I avoid supplement pills since I took some Viviscal for hair (full of natural products too) and within 2 days I was covered in petechia - and my rheumatologist has agreed to it, by the way. On the other hand, I take Curcumin, which is anti-inflammatory, and I have had no reaction to it.

    It is a personal choice.

  • Just be careful like you I thought they were just natural but I took just one of the rasberry ketones and it made my heart race and the palpitations lasted the whole day...I thought I had researched them enough before taking but when I checked there was reports of this happening to others as they are a stimulant none of this information on the label either....never took another one lesson learnt

  • Give up the raspberry ketone, it may have nothing to do with how yur feeling but it dusnt work and is a waste of money, it's also not strongly proven. I tried it sum time ago, absolutely nothing changed, I'm starting to cut out carbs and generally trying 2 eat healthy, there really is no substitute 4 it. These fads r just money making missions we shud all avoid.

  • Hi, did you know that you can have vouchers from your GP for Weight Watchers if you are overweight? You have to go and be weighed at your GP first and they will determine whether you need the help.

    I think you are given the vouchers for 12 weeks and you have to loose a certain amount of weight to be given more vouchers until the desired weight is achieved.

    Please try this before you spend your money on herbal slimming tablets.

  • I've never heard of that Maureen, had no idea and no ones ever suggested it. What a brilliant tip...

  • Thanks Maureenpearl- I will look into that. I wasn't aware we could approach our GPs ! I will add that I haven't lost any weight at all on the caps, so definitely have wasted the money I spent :-(

  • To all who replied to my question-thank you so much for taking the time to share your views. I have taken them all in - and won't bother with the caps any longer.

    I actually should have known better :-)

    Take care all of you out there - Di

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