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I've have had positive ANA for over two years and other symptoms and have been on medication for Lupus

im now confused as when I had a check up the other day the specialist said it might not be lupus but also told me my blood test is showing that there's a problem with my Liver so I've now got to see someone for that .

Has anyone else having problems like this

Many thanks


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Hi Steph

It could be that your medication is affecting your liver. What are you on?

Also ANA is not a complete diagnosis for Lupus as it can show up in healthy people!. Rheumy's use it as info gathering and if you test positive they look at the pattern and then do other bloods that are more specific. It tells them we have something wrong with our immune systems!. It sounds like your Rheumy is keeping an open mind and that is so good when dealing with these immune illnesses. Hope I've helped?. Take care x


At once, my blood test showed very high sugar as 210 on my liver. Doctor ordered not to drinking for a month and repeat the test even though I had just one mixed drink on the weekend. After a month, my sugar down to 80. Now I can eat normal other than watch out for sugar instate.

Is your doctor tell you what wrong with the liver? Well, i hope you find out soon.


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