Hi everyone .quick query i have noticed that i have alot of brusies just popping up from nowhere on my legs and thigh .i carnt recall banging into things i know i am forgetfull .they are really tender more tender then a normal bruise ..just wondering if anyone else has experienced this .i have been daignosed with lupus and raynards and sjorgens ..merry christmas everyone ...xx

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  • Just before I was diagnosed with lupus, I had bruises up and down my arms and legs. Now, when I'm feeling more fatigued & really worn down bruises happen very easily.

  • HI, I've recently been diagnosed with lupus and also have sickle cell disease. I too have noticed tender bruises that take ages to heal on my legs and thighs. Try using arnica cream to aid healing. Happy Christmas everyone xx

  • Good morning, I also had bruises before being diagnosed with Lupus, after taking treatment (Metatrexaite) I haven't seen a bruise since. May God be with you Merry Christmas and a Blessed New year....... I pray that a cure for Lupus will be found soon

  • I had this as well before being diagnosed. I had a severe low platelet count. Might be worth getting your blood checked.

  • I find new bruises on my arms regularly,could be due to steroids.

  • Yes I have. but I had extremely itchy thighs and arms my docter has just put me on a antihistamine tablet and the itching has stopped and the bruisnng x

  • Quite agree with Meggie 83. I'm allergic to steroids having had 2 hip replacements due to them, so naturally I don't take them. I've had some bruising on my feet but I'm also allergic to nickel which is found in many foods as well as jewellery.

    Happy Christmas.

  • I don't have Lupus but I do have purple bruises on my arms and face and back of my hands they don't hurt and will last for weeks I bruise worst in the sun

  • Apparently it's usual for people with Lupus to have what is termed 'deranged clotting', which means our blood doesn't clot so well so we are prone to abnormal bruising. I go through phases where I bruise for no reason and often have enormous painful bruises.

  • Hi barbdockeray

    Happy Christmas to you. I get a lot of bruises and been told they can be due to inflammation of the blood vessels. Might be worth telling your Rheumy as your treatment could be adjusted.,X

  • Merry Christmas, I just got back from the Mayo Clinic, supposedly the hospital that you can go to in the States. I have Lupus one of my complaint was all these bruises that I was getting all over my body. Then there was this gigantic bruise that had a painful knot inside it, the dr. looked and said I should see a dermatologist. That left breathless.

    I'm so tired of being sick, I've had stroke, almost died from pericarditis, open heart surgery, masses on my liver now let alone the day to day issues that I have. Then my mate says all I do is complain, I can't take any more. People need to be educated on lumpus. We aren't lazy, our hands aren't" " blue or black because they decided to change colors because they wanted to, it's because their cold, I'm tired of being in pain. Yes I could go but I'm not.

    My hope for 2015 that someone will find a cure for Lupus. We're all àre so tire of being tired. Lupy Lulu

  • I get bruises all the time also and I usually have no idea how I got them. All I can say is roll with it because it doesn't matter how careful I am, I still get them. Good luck.

  • I had a spell of it for a long time and doctor said it was due to the steroids I'd been on for six years - much better recently although can happen during a flare-up when I need to slow down and listen to my body again or chill out!

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