A little advice please, re sore chest area!

I have for the last few weeks woken feeling sore and tender around the chest area and round to my back, feels as though I have been used as a kick bag! It does subside during the day, although still there its not nearly as bad as it is in the morning! I am also finding I am struggling sometimes to catch a deep breath and it hurts. This has happened in the past but I wondered if this is happening to anyone else and just another part of this condition, I am still very new to this, I haven't got a cough, or anything,

Thanks for reading this, hope someone can shed some light on this for me.

Take care, Mandy

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  • there could be lots of causes but you need to see the doctor. i get that sort of pain when i have pericaditis, but it may not be your heart or lungs it could just be your ribs are infflamed. best of luck

  • Thanks Tatty :) Just don't want to go mythering my doctor if I don't have to, but at times it is becoming a bit distressing when I can't catch that breath :( Take care, Mandy

  • As Tatty said see your doc. I have a bad chest, like you it's worse in the morning but much better by about 10am, I think it is the steroids working. Most of my pain is in my chest around my back at the bottom of my ribs, some days just one side another day both sides, I also have COPD, I get a lot of chest infections proberly every 6 weeks, you might need inhaler best go to doctors. Best of Luck :)

  • HI bettie, thank you:) I will get appt and go and see him, hope your well, take care, Mandy

  • Pollyanna, The symptoms you describe are just what I felt when I had pleurisy.

  • Please go and check this out with your doctors,as worrying about it does not help.

    I wish you well, and please let us know how you get off with the Doctor

  • For years i have had sore ribs and it hurts to sneeze. I always assumed it was part of the condition. The doctor should be able reassure you.

  • I have suffered with the same for a while now and it has been put down to fibromyalgia which runs alongside my Lupus always get it checked out tho in case it is something different xxx good luck xx

  • Hi as the others have said worth a check up, i have chest/ rib pain all the time with SLE and Marfan which affects heart/ lungs. It often feels a wast of time getting checked out but you know your body, i know my pain level (choughing, laughing,sneezing, chattingmakes pain worse) but if i get to certain level it ususally chest infection/ pleurisy/phenemonia etc all can be helped by meds/rest so it gets better. I get chest wall pain fibromyalgia from i think chest infections etc. only on my left half of my body weird hey but had for 20yrs ish. Good luck hope it gets sorted for you.

  • sounds like pleurisy - you will need antibiotics if so. take care.

  • Hi all, went to my GP, he said my chest is clear, blood pressure's fine,said it must all apart of condition, take more pain killers! Thanks for advice everyone its appreciated:) take care, Mandy

  • I get muscle pains around my chest and back, worse in the morning too. Must be related to inflammation!

  • hello mandy, I get a pain in my chest - it feels like someone is sitting on my chest when i first wake up and I struggle to catch a deep breath. It subsides through the day. After lots of tests, probably to rule out the things suggested above, it turns out its reflux! i was honestly surprised as I was sure I was developing lung involvement or heart problems. It doesnt feel like reflux - it feels like chest pain. Now I sleep more upright with a bottle of gaviscon by my side, hanged reflux meds and what a difference!! Sometimes I need to take a nitrate thing to stop the muscles spasming.

    Just thought I'd share my story as it might help someone. But id encourage anyone to get tested incase it is something more dangerous.


  • Thank you both Bebe76 and Ali, x

  • Hi Pollyanna

    Sorry you are suffering in the way that you are. I agree with the others here - it is best to visit your doctor to get a clear diagnosis. When I have had the symptoms you describe I have been diagnosed with pleurisy and once or twice with costochondriasis (basically inflammation of the ribbs). However it could also be endocarditis or fybromyalgia as the others suggest - so check it out.

    Good luck and I hope the pain eases soon


  • Thanks Cloggy, been to doctors, basically told me to get on with it, all just part of the condition :( So no change here then! never mind, I am much better than others, so can't complain :) Thanks for responding, take care, Mandy :)

  • Hello i tend to get that soreness around the sternum,ribs and around my back generally as a sign that i havent rested up enough. Pleurisy is a different feeling in my opinion. Yeh but always good to have a blood test though just to see how active the lupus is and for your own peace of mind. If i feel out of sorts and it doesnt shift i always go and get a blood test, that way it gives me some gauge as to whats an every day thing and whats a real flare. I go and request one myself, you don't need the doctors say so. Like everyone sais, you know your body and we certainly know more about the condition than they do sometimes! Listen to your body and don't doubt yourself, its taken me 5 years to man up and stick up for myself to the docs! Good luck :)

  • Im sorry i didnt see that you said about taking a deep breath which is why people have mentioned pleurisy. If doc definately is sure that you don't have that then maybe its a bit of anxiety....which is possible if you are worrying about your symptoms....hope your ok :)

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