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Lupus Spectrum

I saw the rhumertoligist last with my results and he said he was going to give me cortisone injections ,as he said I am in this spectrum not sure what this means ,

And is their side affects from these ,I am havering a job with my whole body is stiff and have a job to get going after sitting,

I have auto immune problems and my face has a butterfly rash zany help would be great thankyou x

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Are you on any other meds? I recognise what you describe and have myself needed steroid injections when my lupus has been in a flare and my hydroxychloroquine and NSAIs haven't been enough to get get things back under control. I take these all the time but the steroid injections which usually work for about 8 weeks have been helpful in dampening down inflamation in joints / tendons during a flare. I have also benefited from injections into specific joints from time to time. Hope it works for you.


Hi Sugarplum

Having injections is safer than the oral tablets for side effects. They should really help with the stiffness and rash could disappear , make you feel a lot better!. When you have one don't expect immediate benefit, I was told allow 48 hours for it to take effect. Good luck and have a lovely ChristmasX


You can read more about the potential side-effects of cortisone injections here -


In over 10 years of working with lupus patients and having lupus myself, I have never heard any doctor refer to a lupus patient being "in the spectrum." He or she could mean that you have many of the symptoms of lupus. I don't know. You should ask your doctor about this term. Cortisone injections can be very helpful. Again, you need to ask the doctor why you are getting the injection and what you can expect. Most of us ask a lot more about repairs on our cars than we do about what doctors prescribe for our bodies. Whether you are paying or your insurance is paying, you are a consumer. You are paying the doctor to provide a service-health care. Even if your appointment is in the past, you can still call and ask the doctor to call you back. At future appointments, have your questions in hand. Have a copy for you and one for the doctor. You can expect that about 3 questions will be answered. Put the questions in priority order. You should not have to turn to internet forums with many amateurs when you are paying a professional. Be proactive.


THE CORTISONE INJECTIONS CAN ONLY BE GIVEN IN A Localized area. So will only will be given in your worse area and will expect to give you relief ( how long is a piece of string ) is the how long the relief will last. how painful it is having them is depends on area given.

if like myself you suffer from all over pain , with no pattern to when it comes and goes , or what makes it worse or better. then you may be better talking to them about oral pain killers , slow release.

good luck with them. One to try is Peppermint oil that you buy for cooking or to put in oil burners.

pour a few drops of the consternated on effected area and rub in.

the heat from it helps to relive the pain. water down to your own strength and heat. { as it can get very hot } but helps with the pain with me.



Thankyou for your replies I went for the blood tests had 2 positives and 2 negatives but he said he would treat me as being in the spectrum I can not take steroids as I am on warferin and they don't mix as I have had multiply blood clots in my lungs hope you all have a great Christmas x


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