Flare with cycle

Do any other women notice a lupus flare of symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle? My cycle is happening more often, possibly because I am pre-menopausal at 48, but I'm wondering if this time iof my life is going to bring me down.

Arthritis, fluid retention in ankles and face, rash on face, hair loss that's become noticeable, bruising on ankles, vision issues, and recurrent yeast and uti problems.

My happy face is getting too puffy to even fake happy.


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I always notice an increase in symptoms a few days before my period - more joint pain, worse fatigue, sickness, face rash, headaches. Thankfully it seems to only last for a few days though.


Hi Roho

I noticed a worsening of symptoms at period time and my treatment was increased to help whilst it lasted. It also sounds like your cycle is getting ready for the menopause as it's changing. Mine did the same and suddenly became heavier for a month then stopped. I'm in the menopause now but don't have too many difficult symptoms. Hope that's helped?X


Yes me too. So clearly hormones are involved. For crying out loud when is the research going to be done to help us? If 1/2000 women get lupus in the West and 1/1000 in Asia, especially China, then I hope they are using their new tiger economy wealth to invest in this?


Definitely. Although the severity of the increase in my symptoms varies from month to month. I find rest is really all that helps for me.


This is interesting, I noticed swelling of my face also linked with my cycle. The swelling started in the middle of the cycle and then got better after my period. Gradually, with approaching the menopause, the swelling was more frequent and obvious. I have been in menopause for 5 years now and hope that this will take this problem away but no such luck. The trigger for the swelling seem to be infections now. I have not found anything that would help but I am planning to ask my reumathologist next time I see him, if taking antihistamines could help.

I have tried facial lymphatic drainage massage in the last few days and it seems to improve the swelling a little, so I will continue with that.


Yes, for many months, I would lose use of my elbow (just wouldn't extend past a certain point and in extreme pain if I tried to make it) around the time of my cycle and afterward then it would go away. I went off birth control pills that I had taken for mostly the past 20 years and now a couple of years later I don't have the extreme cycle and my elbow doesn't lock up. However, certain joints are slightly cranky about 5 days before my cycle.

I also did an extreme food change a couple of years ago and don't eat any inflammatory foods (dairy, processed foods from a box, processed sugars) and started some supplements including probiotics, magnesium, chinese herbs especially for lupus and arthritis, vit D, fish oil. Feeling so much better and able to reduce/eliminate plaquenil.

It's been a long journey and very frustrating...hang in there.


Thank you all for the replies. Knowing others have or have had similar issues helps, Calafia, I've been gradually changing my diet for the past year or more, similar to yours- no dairy, no sugar... Supposed to be no grains. I only drink water and green tea or other teas. I try to eat fresh vegetables and fruit. I limit my meat, and eat mostly seafood and chicken. I do notice a difference when I follow this diet. I need to stay strict because it's my health I'm playing with. I've fallen off the right path and gave been stress eating. Perhaps this is adding to the severity of symptoms.

I am not on any Meds right now besides a fluid pill- HCTZ. I plan to get serious with taking supplements and will research what you take.

I like alcohol and I like to play sports in the sun- both of these cause flares- but I've been stubborn to give up. I live on a subtropical island, so it's hard to avoid the sun.

I hate losing my hair and losing my face above all of the other symptoms. I want to try acupuncture along with Kampo. I took a workshop on it and am hoping to find a practitioner. If possible and if my body will allow it, I don't want to go back to Meds.


i have the same issue am 29. i have stiff joint and generalized pain am unable to get out of bed. so in a month i just may probably have 1week off flare . my flow last for 3 days but a week b4 d period starts i wipe blood after i wii. i complained about it here and even went to my dr cos i thot it was something serious. is symptom also pri menopausal? i hope u will feel better soon.


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