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Has anybody tried the indian holistic approach

Hi all

i resently spoke with a friend of mine who is also suffering 4rm lupus. She is in nigeria and gets her treatment when she goes to america. She told me she has a bad flareup resently and she has lost control of her knee. So she is trying the holistic approach which is an indian therapy. Am worried cos she has stopped her meds to start this new therapy

Pls has anyone tried the holistic approach and hw effective is it.

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Hi....I believe wholeheartedly in the holistic approach. Your friend might be doing the right thing. I have talked to a preventative doctor student, and nutritionist. Our bodies are delicate and treating symptoms is not going to fix the problem. I believe the medical community doesn't really know how to help lupus patients other than treating symptoms. This is my belief. I believe some people need medicine because they are having terrible pain, but I also believe natural treatments can help too. The information is out there. I had large nodules on my thyroid a year ago or so. I went to a Chinese dr acupuncturist . She gave me this nasty tea to make of all these herbs. It was black. I had to hold my nose to drink. I felt the pressure come off my neck. I will say you have to be careful and listen to your body and don't overdo it. I didn't know at the time that my kidneys were scarred, and I noticed I had some numbing in my thigh when I drank it. I stopped drinking it. I would recommend to your friend to be careful, monitor her body after treatment.


Thank u very much


I agree with Natura.

In many cases, our bodies have been intoxicated and traumatised beyond understanding and limits and the conventional approach can just exacerbate the problem by traumatising and intoxicating further.

I use totally natural methods at the moment including homoeopathy and herbal approaches, but I have to muscle test everything including the herbs - usually only one pinch per pint for a tea - sorry about the old measurements, but my flask is still pint size and not litre size.

I use Chinese and culinary herbs i.e. Indian and whatever I find I need from muscle testing.

Our bodies just want to heal, but much of what we do in our life today and are subjected to stresses the body.

Some of us have just had so much more stress than others.

Your friend is trying to do what is right for her, but she needs to be in control of what she uses or her body does, if you can understand that.

For pain, I use rest, meditation, prayer, whatever works - sometimes exercise takes away the pain - how about that!

I was angry when I read that the EU was setting up a committee to investigate the medicinal properties of culinary herbs with the intention of patenting those found to have health benefits and making them into drugs to be only available on prescription.

This is appalling for people like us who need them whole to help our inflammation - drugs do not work for me, in fact they made everything far worse and I have had to spend 14 years sorting my body out myself.


Thank u for your response. I use some herbs too but i still use my conventional medication. But i use alot of prayer because my dr get confused with the symptom from my finger to know my knee which scares me to bit cos am aware it can give way anywhere and at anytime. So i rely so much on God he is the only one that can see me through lupus. Thank you



I have lupus.and no family to support me .but God is very faithful.Thank you


Always remember none of us are ever truly alone. Keep your trust in your God or whatever you believe and you will get the help you need.


Thank u so much


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