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Totally flumaxed now!!!

Hello folks,

Can anyone advise or tell me where to get info on Arthromyalgia? I've googled get very little hard information.

I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with mctd, with lupus elements, oesteo and inflammatory arthritis, fibro, myofacial arthralgia, and Reynolds.

I had rheumy a week ago and asked her if there was a definitive diagnosis...I was told it remained as originally diagnosed.

Get copy of letter sent to GP, and it states Arthromyalgia as diagnosis......

Is this another addition? Combination of arthritis and fibro? Anyone had similar...?

Totally at a loss now.

Gentle hugs to all.

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Hi I read your post and as i had not heard about it I googled it also but could only find it associated with the face. It appears to be connected with Fibromyalgia but I couldn't say for sure. So sorry not to be of more help and hope that whatever it is the treatment for you will make life more bearable.


Hi, It is arthralgia. I have it too and it is joint pain. I have it with myalgia which is muscle pain. Think it goes with these kind of conditions.


I think he is saying your joints hurt. It is a description of your symptoms, not a diagnosis. In other words, it's a non-diagnosis.


It's not a diagnosis as such but a description of symptoms. In simple terms, it's saying you have joint pain.



I have done the googling too. As with everyone, I am guessing. Arthro means joint and myalgia is muscle pain. So basically it's describing your joint and muscle pain. If you split the likes of like poly myalgia rheumatica, that simply means muscle pain around more than one (poly) joint. It's not much help to you tho, sorry x


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