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Working part time on DLA

My husband suffers with a chronic complex regional pain syndrome, severe depression (associated to the pain) and diverticulitis, he receives DLA on highest levels for both mobility and care. I am his carer. He is desperate to attempt to return to work part time but is worried if he goes for a job that if it doesnt work out then he will have to reapply and go through hoops again which were stressful enough the first time. Ideally he would like to try 12-5 as mornings are dreadful on a casual basis, the potential employer is aware of his difficulties and will not be expecting him to do heavy lifting/walking etc. Any advice on best way forward? Thanks./

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Hi, hope your husband is able to fulfil his wish. I believe working does not affect DLA, not sure now it's PIP but I know someone worked full time on full DLA. When I applied I was told it was not work related but disability related. It's the other benefits it will affect, I would suggest get advice from Welfare Rights or similar organisation first. Hope this helps


Contrary to what gets reported, DLA/PIP us not an out of work benefit, it us meant to cover extra costs of disability so the DLA will be fine. There may even be a bit of help with ' access to work' but that is mostly practical stuff like ergonomic chairs or hydraulic desks. Good luck to him!


Working doesn't affect DLA. It is not means - tested so isn't classed as income whereas ESA if he is in receipt of this will be affected.


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