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has my lupus disappeared ?

i am not sure how to begin really, i have had sle now for about 27 years now, usual stuff,cant do sun itchy skin etc etc and now in the height of this gloreous summer its well gone ??? no effects whatsoever,whats happening rang dermo last week - not interested ? i thought at least they would want to see me to do tests, is this just a relapse ot a miracle ????

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That was me last year, just enjoy the remission. But be warned it came back with vengence this year!!!


thanks for that, thought it was too good to be true, and yes i'll enjoy the moment thanks for the reply x


Hi Noodles

Lupus symptoms can ease off when you get to the menopause or you've just gone into remission!. Enjoy it while it lasts, still be careful of the sun as you don't want to trigger it off again.X


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