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Depomedrol / depromedrone injection


Just had my first jab today, and was wondering what good (and bad) experiences others have had with it.

I've been suffering with quite bad joint pains all over last six months and saw the rheumy a fortnight ago. She suggested I had fibromylagia and was going to refer me for physio. I had blood and urine tests a fortnight ago, and unfortunately the urine test showed something scary, so I was called back to clinic today.

Today, I saw two different rheumys who went through my history more thoroughly, and they decided to give me this jab for the joint pains. They said it was a steroid, and I told themI was previously prescribed prednisolone, at times up to 60mg a day. I told them I had suffered blurred vision whilst taking it, and after six months my right retina popped off after fluid built up behind it and burst if from the back of my eye. The ophthamologists I saw (through my remaining one good eye!) couldn't be certain if it was the medication. I had also been taking hydroxy, thalidomide, and chloroquine sulphate for my horrific skin.

I've just read a bit on the internet about what depomedrol actually is.....prednisolone. I've only got one eye left, so I'm a bit alarmed now. At least I've only had the one jab so there's probably not enough of it in my system to do any harm, if it was to blame.

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Hi, I've have been having depo medrone 160mg for at least a couple of years every 4 months and more recently every 2 months as they have not been lasting too long. They have helped a bit with my joint pains and am also taking hydroxycloroquine, plequinil, tramodol and mycophenolate. Doesn't help compleatly but helps me get through most days. Haven't experienced to many side effects with depo-medrone but hopeing to try and come off soon if I can. Hope you get on ok and don't have to many problems x

Justine xx

Hi Diagnosed

No wonder your worried about your eyes and the steroid injection. Luckily they are safer than daily steroids if you have no more than 3-4 a year. If it helps your joint pain then it's inflammation and not fibromyalgia . Good way to find out this is. It should start to work quickly too!. Hope I've helped?.X

Hi there, i have had a depo jab steriod before they work pretty quick but they only last for me anout 4 weeks x stay strong x

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