Tramadol upgraded so can no longer get it on repeat prescription

I've been to chemist today to pick up my repeat prescription electronically sent from GP. They say tramadol has been upgraded 2 levels so they couldn't give me it, It appears I now have to see GP every month for it. Luckily I have an apt Monday so will ask GP for confirmation of this, has anyone else recently had this problem?

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  • Yes, just, with Solpadol jayfer, under new rules it's now classed as a controlled drug so the chemist won't accept a faxed prescription, it has to be the original which my surgery posts out to them.

  • My GP has only just started sending prescriptions electronically lol. Hopefully it means I just have to pick up the prescription from surgery, not have to see GP. Thanks Sazzyb

  • I don't see why you need to pick it up jayfer, they should post it to your chemist for you. Get 'em told. :-D

  • My surgery is not very advanced, it surprised me when they started sending them to chemist last month!!!

  • Hi,

    I have been told that Tramadol is now a controlled drug - this means it has to have a signature on the prescription by a GP. This is why the chemist won't dispense the drug via an electronic system - it has no signature. So, as far as I know you do have to see your GP to get a signed prescription for this drug.

  • Hi I get Tramadol and my doctor just sends the prescription straight the pharmacist electronically. I also take morphone which he sends electrronically too pharmacist the but also sends a prescription in the post for me to take to the pharmacist which I need to sign. Hope tht helps. xx

  • its a pain getting an apt every 2 month for plaquenil now it'll be every month. They say GP s haven't the time so this seems a little silly :(

  • You shouldn't have to go to the surgery, the GP should be signing the precription then the office staff should be posting it to the chemist, without you have to take up an appointment.

  • I have an apt Monday so will see what they say, it's not far if I have to pick it up as long as don't have to see GP for prescription. Will let you know how I get on

  • If they say no, just tell them that my tiny village surgery is in the back of beyond - and they do it. Good luck! :-D

  • I have had tramadol taken off my repeat don't know why

  • I've just been to GP, tramadol has been upgraded so prescriptions for it have to have a signature on them, not printed. I now have to pick up prescription from surgery each month but don't have to see GP

  • I have too, no one told me so I was left with no tablets had to phone 111 to help me out with emergency tablets we should have been made aware of any changes being made in advance.

  • I am not sure if you have to be seen Monthly for it. But I ran into the same problem I take for problems associated with LUPUS , I went to get it refilled online and would not even show up as a medication for me. When I called they said it was upgraded to a controlled substance and now It has to be written monthly. It has been a month since I have seen my doc and she wrote the RX today without being seen . Looks like I have to request it every month now and she has to put in for it everytime as in I can't just call the pharmacy and they send her a memo or whatever. RIDICULOUS. So tired of jumping through hoops for meds .. For People with chronic illnesses this is no different then people who need insulin and are diabetic. Sorry rant over.

  • It's such a pain luckily my drs have there own pharmacy so ok with that one. But I had a stay in hospital and they didn't want to give me my Tramadol at all had such a row with the dr and nurses to get it. In the end they agreed but had to have two nurses to despence it as it's a controlled drug.

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