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bad day today

woken by my Annie at 6am with swollen face and eyes swollen half shut.buster whimpering downstairs .chronic pelvic pain from time got up-difficulty dressing.took dogs out-slow painful walk into town and bus home (cos not walk uphill plus the heavens opened-torrential rain and thunder.back to bed for couple of hours sleep.woke 1.30.relunctantly got tired! so much pain and crying most of afternoon-cos no one accepts what I tell them.(family and gp not HU members).annie so concerned for me today-barely eaten any food ,reluctant to go out and looking at me with such concerned eyes.Buster ok not bothered by fireworks etc.too frightened to go to sleep -nihgtmares and that I wont wake up or that wont be here for my dogs.wish drs would take me seriously.

does anyone else have gastritis and duodenitis and /or hiatus hernia?

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Good morning Anbuna

I am so sorry you are having such an awful time and hope that things will get better for you.

It must be so upsetting for you that those close to you don't seem to believe how unwell you are. It sounds like your dogs are lovely and supportive but I imagine it upsets you that they are sad for you.

Take care. Lyn x


thanks lyn fro your kind words.i probably wouldn't be here if it weren't for my dogs.thye are both rescues and I hope nothing happens to me that I wont be there frothem.the thought of them havign to go back to kennels for rehoming terrifies me .I don't want to put them through anyhtign like would be so traumatic for them.


Anbuna, I felt so sorry when I read your post - and I think a lot of us on this forum know how you feel . . . I wonder if it's worth showing your family some of the posts on this forum? The ones that are open for anyone to read? It might help them to understand that you're far from alone, and how cut off we can all feel, especially if we've reached a medical impasse. My rheumy told me on Monday that the hardest part of her job was trying to get the diagnosis, because all these auto immune conditions present in so many different ways; sometimes it's like piecing a jigsaw together when you're not sure all the pieces are from the same box. And if your doctor truly doesn't understand, maybe it's time to find another? Maybe someone else within the same practice? Or ask to be referred to a rheumatologist and/or an endocrinologist? Whatever the solution, I wish you the very best of luck (and send a 'tail wag' to the dogs!)


hello carcrashgal,

thanks for your kind words.tail wags greatly received.glad it sunny today tho cool can be out inthe garden with them.they like nothing more than lying outside .the last two days both dogs have been off their food and lying about looking "sad" all day.\they are both constantly by my side and really panic if I go out.i rarely do cos once walked the dogs am in too much pain.weak and tired to do anything.had to go to Tesco this mornign to exchange a wrong item in my home delivery .did not want to go and the dog s didnt want me to s not that the gp doesn't understand for some reason its like he wants to not take me seriously and cos of computers he knows immediately of everytime I go to A&E or when I phone 111 or other gps have probably been told something by him not to refer me?i don't really know other than he doesn't answer my questions.on Monday I ahd a query cos I was told not to take omeprazole yet I was prescribed them again(he knows why)so i asked should I take them and I thought I would receive antibiotics for infection.he said just take what med s you are given.i have asked for referrals to dermatologist(on advice of A&E)rheumy and gynae.refuses to do so.waiting to hear back from MP re referrals.i have shown some posts-printing them off(minus usernames) to my brother tho has no effect.he thinks I am able to do volunteer work at the local kennels/shop but doesnt realize that if you are able to do volunteer work the DWP will say you are able to work fullstop .he doesnt accept what i tell him either as far as he s concerned the gp is right.

gp s responses in the past are unacceptable in my eyes yet he nor anyone else considers them unacceptable.been told stuff like "wear make up" "its your stomach" "it s inflammation" "I cant feel anything" which don't tell me anything.

had tinnitus and buzzing in ear ./looked in ear and said I cnat see anything.cant detect noises by just looking!!?

the last time I saw my rheumy he didn't allow me to tell of my symptoms(2012)and went on about CA125 diet and weight loss(sorry if repeating myself)and said weight gain is all abdominal and that needs to be sorted it is nothing to do with my diet and I have lost weight elsewhere.his letter contained wrong info -stuff I never said -so asked fro a meeting with one eventually -took nigh on a year_and when I attended it was a different rheumatologist not the one that wrote the letter or I now complained to PALS about that.



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