feeling bad today

ddint feeltoo bad when I got home from wlaking dogs(and a bus home)so thought catch up with some housework.hung washing out and staretd to clean my bedroom.got half way and could do no more.back leg and foot pain.leave for another day.not eaten since breakfast -pressure on ribs and stomach and can now feel it further up into my chest.disabling.tried to plant out onions -no -back pain.and feeling nauseous with abdo pressure


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  • Anbuma....so sorry for your troubles. Sounds like you were trying to do a lot. I break my chores down, take breaks in between. Maybe lie down on floor to stretch abdomen out flat...make small circles all around your belly lightly. My sister taught me this. Give yourself a little massage. Sometimes lying down will help with abdomen pressure. I had last night after eating dinner. Do up you have ginger tea? Helps with stomach...

  • hello thanks for the tips.my ability to do chores is limited-more so recently.i wish I could wave a wand and the housework would be done.it s the same if i attempt to cut the grass.by the time i get to the end of the garden-it s time to start again.dont think my stomach will ever be "flat" butwilltry massage-sure today it swollen another inch and is definitely much harder-so somehtign going on.

  • Make an appointment with your consultant. I am not able to do much housework either so I call a clener once a week. Maybe if you call a cleaner in once a week it would be ok. Some charge £7.50 an hour, Some £5.00 and some £8.00 or a totally different rate it depends. Also how about a gardener as well as a cleaner. It might cost a bit of money but at least it will help u in the long run. Take care. xxx

  • can only get referral thru gp and he wont do so.my brother occasionally comes over and petrol strims my grass.intend to pave over two small areas - save grass cutting and make life a bit easier.need to leave the third grassed area for the dogs.gardeners are too expensive-use a local handyman when can afford to.best gardener/builder I had retired a few years ago.

  • I love gardening too, and as I do it in dry weather I find it then means I have to have an easy day the next day. :( How about a wild flower patch? You won't have to cut it in the summer, just strim in April and November. Ans I'm guessing you use a seat/kneeling stool for planting? I can'e do without mine - £3 bargain from a Charity shop :) Good luck.

  • I tend to my garden when it s fine and having an easy day the next day means housework gets neglected not taht I am always able to do much .need to employ someone for an hour a week.

  • If Your gp is not doing anything. There is only one other option to go to accident and emergency. Tell them you are in a lot of pain and you have been to your gp and there was no help. Tell them about any other medical problems. When they have done your xrays and blood tests they might refer you or right to your gp directly. When hospital rights to your gp then they do listen. It is good someones helping you. I hope this helps. Best of luck.

  • thank you.have been to A&E twice this year.first time I was there literally all day had tests and then went to gynae ward and back there a few days later fro a scan -said clear btu internal examination just too painful too tolerate.second time got lectured by triage nurse should have gone to gp -couldnt get to see him and in agony.but seen by a dr who said had urine infection .thinking go back to A&E-persistent pelvic pain and pressure on ribs,legs achy and feeling cold -having to lie down on bed after slightest physical activity.dog sensing it.abnormal behaviour and giving me concerned looks.in past when gone to A&E they keep saying scans normal-btu know not always 100% gospel.has to be something.

  • Hold on - if it is too painful to be examined internally then you could be suffering with pelvic infection, has anyone taken any swabs?

  • don't recall having any swabs taken-btu they may have done at last A&E visit.have had several urine tests done -all said protein in urine and A&E said white spots in urine????pelvic infection or something more serious?its persistent and there from time I get up

  • I would ask your lady GP to get a swab to check for pelvic infection - the infection gives pelvic pain and it is persistent. It could also explain the white spots in urine. Ovarian cancer wouldn't give you the painful internal examination you mentioned.

    Good luck finding the cause - it is a long and frustrating road to diagnosis.

  • I am glad they found something. It is ok. I hope they hep this time when u go. Hospital system is quite slow. You got too keep going until they finally do something. I am so sorry u have to go through this. I hope something get's done about it so that u feel ok again. Takecare and wish u best of luck.

  • Hi Anbuma

    How are you today. Have you seen a doc yet, I do hope so!

  • not yet,had an appointment booked fro wed with a trainee gp btu had to cancel it online so I could make an online appointment with my own gp fro 4 weeks time so have to phone tomorrow and hope to see the female gp i ahve seen on occasions-she seems a bit more helpful and willing to listen .had a bad 2 nights -little or no sleep-cos of knife like pain in neck and painful left(even more so ) protruding rib and nightmares.then dogs waking me at 6am.gave them a short walk round local fields cos long walks too much for me and my elder dog.then back to bed to recover.managed to wash floors and do a bit of work in the garden-going back to bed after each.want a chest xray as could be somethign to do with lungs?someone responded to me saying they were told their collar bone inflammation and swelling could be to do with lung membrane have never been given a reason fro protruding ribs and collarbone.gp did say ta time ddint knwo what swelling was?

  • Must admit I'm a bit confused by what's causing your problems. You do need to go back to the docs. I don't understand how they don't have emergency appointments. I thought they had to have some. Being in the pain you describe sounds like you need help urgently. If the GP doesn't know what it is one needs to do a referral. I hope you get sorted soon.

  • have an appointment for this afternoon.my own gp is not in today so got one with the female gp.intended to only take a short dog walk and get home fro 8am to call drs.buster decided he wanted to go into town btu I didnt have my purse with me so would have to walk home and it s hot already.got to the drs surgery and several people waiting outside at 10to 8 fro them to open.now I know why cant get appointments when try to call cos all of these 6 people were there to get appointments.had a pleasant walk thru the castle park down to the river btu buster had other ideas and headed back up the steps.told him no and had to put him on his lead to walk where i wanted to go.then had difficulty holdign Annie who was constantly pulling towards the waters edge and had to constantly pull her away as quite drop and high tide with strong currents.made it home just about-tired hot and sore feet.now back to bed to recover.

  • so saw dr today.told her my concerns-fact that protruding ribs and neck (knife like)pain were preventing me from getting to and staying asleep as well as probably withdrawal of imipramine and of persistent pelvic pain from time I got up to time went to bed.she aske d how long I had pelvic pain -said about a year along with infections but ddint suggest anything.nor did she say anything about neck.i also told her nightmares were gettign worse and that I was told they could be thyroid related and that they weren't down to depression or anxiety as I felt fine.all she did confirm was that the curve in my spine was more so and this was the reason fro pain in my ribs? but that would not make ribs protrude?asked about scans ans xray.denied.guess wait til i see my own gp in june and demand then or go private btu canot afford to.

    then she suggested PILATES!!nto even going to bother to enquire.

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