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Transplant biopsy

I had a transplant biopsy on thursday because of protein leaking from my kidney. Feeling terrible after the procedure, don't know whether the biopsy gave me a lupus flare as I am so tired and have to go to bed early these past few nights. Has anyone had the same kind of thing happen after having a biopsy. The biopsy was painful as the doctor had to give me more local anaesthetic into my stomach as i felt every prod in my stomach.

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Hi sandwiches, I cannot compare to a kidney biopsy but, recently I had a liver biopsy and had terrible shoulder pain for 10 days after. It was pointed out that this could happen, so wasn't unduly worried. I rested up for 48 hrs, and thought I would be fine...I went out and about, only to come home after a few hrs feeling awful. Had to continue recuperating another 3 days before I felt better. Not sure if same applies but, I was told to go to A&E if I had severe gripping pain at site of biopsy......I'm sure, leaking protein in your system, would make you feel unwell too. I would go to GP Monday, if no improvement over the weekend, just to be sure alls ok....good luck with biopsy results by the way...


Hi 6161, Thanks for your reply. I have been taking paracetamol at the moment to alleviate the pain that i have sometimes as I can't take anything stronger. I will be going to the doctors this week to see what they say. Hopefully I will get my biopsy results this week.



I had a native kidney biopsy on Monday because of the exact same problem. I was feeling pretty terrible after the biopsy, and even today i'm still a little sore, but not in enough pain for me to worry about. I also wasn't anaesthetised enough during the procedure, but did not opt for further anaesthetic as i thought i may as well just wait out the uncomfortableness which would have been the same when injecting further anaesthetic. I quickly regretted that! If you are in severe pain, have a fever or dizziness it is important that you seek some medical advice, even if it's just a quick call to your consultant's secretary or your GP.

I was lucky that my consultant made sure i had an ultrasound before i left to check for bleeds and see if my kidney was recovering properly which helped alleviate any concerns as i do tend to get paranoid in these situations!


You were very brave to have a kidney biopsy without anaesthetic as it hurts like hell to have a biopsy whether it was in the stomach or the back! I haven't got fever or dizziness which is good. I didn't have a ultrasound before I left as I have never heard of one being done after a biopsy. You were pretty lucky in that aspect. Thanks for your reply.


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