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Can't sleep because of pain then the painkillers keep me awake!

Im starting to feel like im going to bray my head against a wall until im knocked out! Im in pain so much i cant sleep without strong painrelief but then the painkillers keep me awake! doctors are refusing to give me sleeping tablets for nights when i have to take painkillers, i believe that if i got into a pattern of sleeping and being comfortable again i would stop flaring so much, iv tried gambapentin and amytriptaline, currently on 75mg of amytrip and they do nothing at all for me, i dont nap through the dat anymore just incase that was why i couldnt sleep andbthat has left me evrn morw exhausted. im now falling over quite a lot and tumbling into things. my eyes are trembling so my vision is very impared, gefs to 9pm and bang its like iv drank 50 cans of redbull but im stoll sleepy and my eyes are very heavy, just cant switch off at all. im running on empty and have been taking methotrexate for a couple og months now which is bringing more problems into the mix as many of you will have lots of experience with, its not the methotrexate causing this iv been having these problems for over a year now on and off whenever i take any painkillers stronger than paracetamol, which lets face it dont fo anything for chronic pain on their own lol

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Hi. My advice would be ask for Neurontin (gabapentin). It's mainly used for seizures but it also works with pain and in SLE it's used for night time pain. It also seems to help with sleep, it did for me anyway.


Iv tried that one, was the first one i was prescribed because i was on citalopram and unable to take amytriptaline until i came off it. Now on the amytriptaline and that isn't working anymore xx


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