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Normally I love summer (I know, but I am furrein, and heat therefore is welcome for me!). I'm out in it slathered in sunblock, barbecuing for England and enjoying root beer floats. This year I cannot be in sun for more than five minutes before I am gasping got breath, lightheaded and feeling as if I am going to pass out. It should be said I am still waiting on my appointment to see a rheumy as I have no meds for my symptoms. I am probably anaemic (I'm always anaemic) on top of in a flare of whatever kind, but I have never had this before. It's ruining my summer and my front garden is a nightmare as I can't work in it ; embarrassing as my neighbours in their 70s are working all say in the sun and they just think I am lazy.... :/. Doubt I am the only one with this, but is there any relief?

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  • Poor you :( I'm new to all this and have only just got a diagnosis, sort of confirmed. But I do now cover up with long-sleeves and trousers as I'll suffer from extreme tiredness after a day in the sun. My GP has prescribed a Factor 50 cream (Sun Sense) which the folks on here suggested (many thanks !). And I wear sunglasses far more than I used to. Unusual stuff for me as I am a sun babe and like being outside all day (almost any weather too). Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  • Hi Silvergilt

    I am having the same symptoms. I too try to stay out of the sun but I still feel tired and very light headed. Have just got a factor 50 hat and cover up more than I used to. I haven't come across anything else that helps. Sorry I can't help more.

  • Hi Silvergilt

    It's a case of avoiding the sun when it's at it's strongest ie the middle of the day. Maybe you could do gardening when it's cooler first thing or last thing!. Don't worry about what your neighbours think, they're lucky they don't have Lupus!. Good luck for your Rheumy Appointment.X

  • A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went out of town to participate in a Walk (5 klm) for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research), with our granddaughter and rest of team. It was not a overly hot day, in fact quite pleasant, the walk had short stretches in the open but mostly through treed areas with shade. The walk went fine - I can manage walking as long as there are no hills as my legs scream then. I was completely covered in clothing, 50 sunscreen and a hat. After a fun and successful walk we all went out for our annual lunch and then it was time for us to catch our flight back home. I had been managing pretty good but on way to airport I felt a little stressed, by time we got to airport I was just anxious to get home and was getting a little snappy. When we got to the security line it was very long and after about 10 minutes I was having trouble standing and felt I was going to faint. My husband pulled me out of the line and we had to go backwards down line and ask permission to get out from security - they were a bit stuffy at first then must have figured I needed out so sent us to a private area. I felt so awful, I just wanted to lay down and be left alone, but only had about ten minutes to try get myself ready to get back in line. My head was pounding, I felt nauseas and weak, and was sure my head was on fire but husband said not, just very red. Lucky flight was only an hour, two more hours on the road and then I was in my bed, heaven. Next day couch was my best friend. It is sad, up until 3 years ago I sucked up the sun, couldn't wait to get my shorts on and get out in the garden, now I don't do anything without checking the sky first. I have had several good days since the Walk - so will be back again next year.

  • I live in Florida 'the sunshine state', and experience the same feelings almost daily. What ive started doing, knowing it will make me feel worse the next day, i plan a day to things outside. I cover myself with sunblock, glasses, hats, etc... i go outside when cooler and sun lower. I do what im needing to get done, and the next day i have to rest all day. Its frustrating, but its how i cope.

  • I don't have Lupus - I have RA with Sjogrens and Raynauds but I feel exactly the same way about the sunshine. I put sun block on and avoid midday sun but even a lovely walk with my dogs will mean that I have to have a few hours in bed later to compensate. I get great big spots on my face if I'm in the sun for even five minutes. The doctor says they are Rosacea but I've looked this up and I'm not so sure at all - I think they are autoimmune hives. I have invested in some really nice sun hats with wide brims but I'm short and look a bit of a dork in them! The most important thing is to get your vitamin D levels tested regularly and take supplements where necessary. I went to a talk on this recently by an Italian rheumatologist and he emphasized that everyone with an autoimmune disease needs testing regularly and said that D3 capsules are cheap and very important for those who can't go out in the sun. Twitchy

  • Hmmm, I have been wondering about this. It's been very sunny this week and even though I am completely covered from head to toe, I have still been feeling very tired and a bit peculiar when I've been outside. I have on a gigantic UPF50 hat, UPF50 scarf, wrap and gloves, and demin jeans. The sun is literally not getting a single bit of me - apart from maybe my fingertips. But I feel so exhausted I want to sit down in the street and cry. Can this even be possible? Does it somehow get through all this, or is it something to do with the light and the optic nerve? I am really puzzled!

  • Hi everyone. I haven't posted on here for quite a while but I've been feeling so ill over the last couple of weeks I decided to look to see if anyone else was suffering like me in this heat. I am naturally quite dark skinned and have always loved to go walking etc in the sun but now, I can't go outside for half an hour without feeling sick, dizzy, hot and just generally unwell. I bought one of those cooling sprays but that didn't help. I've got a fan, but that doesn't really help either. I have a cool shower and by the time I've dried myself, I'm as hot as I ever was. My back is throbbing, as is my head. I'm fed of feeling cr*p everyday. But There, I feel better now for a moan. Chin up peoples xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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