Foot ulcers

I have had chronic foot ulcers for some while now causing considerable pain and discomfort. I have tried every type of dressing and finally using one which seems to be making progress.

The dressing is manuka honey. This was extremely painful when applied however the ulcer had got a couple of cm smaller.

Of anyone has similar problems I would recommend giving this a try

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Thanks for the tip, but sorry I can't give you any, with regards to your ulcers. Some of our meds, especially steroids, do prevent healing. Just a thought that, this could be part of the problem.


Hi, yes I have had ulcers for eight years, these being Pyoderma Gangrenosum . I did at one point use manuka honey, which did help but I still got infections. I now use a dressing called Hydroferra Blue. These dressings are miracle dressings. I have only had a couple of infections in the several years of using them. They draw out any sluff in the wound and also any bacteria . The wound remains 'clean' at all times. They may be difficult for you to get through your GP or wounds nurse, but persevere and ask them to search for a UK company to supply direct at no cost. This is what they do for me. Obviously if you feel that the manuka helps you do not change. I found the honey dried on the wound after a few hours and therefore put pressure and made the wound tight and sore . Let me know how you get on.



I don't know your background knowledge so I'm answering this as if its all new, apologies if your aware of wound healing.

Are the ulcers infected? It is hard to help as there are so many issues when doing dressings. Long term ulcers will probably be colonised with bacteria and in this case I have been told you should alternate between such things as honey , silver and inodine based dressings. We are advised to change between these every 2 weeks so that the ulcers do not get used to the dressing. Obviously you have had an ulcer assessment done by a nurse who can then advise you as to what they would use. Possibly take a swab to identify if honey etc needed at this time.

The idea with dressings is to help the body provide an environment that allows it to heal itself. The dressing doesn't do the healing. So it's keeping it clean, moist but not wet and body temp. I always say blisters are pbrilliant examples of what the body needs to heal. You should be able to get things on prescription via your nurse.

After writing all this, I definitely stick to what I said, I know by what your ulcers look like and how they react to dressings what I want to put on. It's from doing it for 20 years not just the courses I've been on. Therefore, I suggest after all that, see your Nurse. Not all nurses have the same amount of dressing knowledge but hopefully they have someone who can advise them or know of a good product you can use.

Good Luck it could be a long process x

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Yes I agree with the above but after having my ulcers for the eight years I have exhausted all other methods of dressings. In my case mine ate into my leg so bad that the muscle was exposed and I was very close to having it amputated. In addition to the dressings (and yes they don't heal the ulcer) but provide a clean wound to allow granulation. In addition I have an IV infusion five days in every four weeks of Privigen of which I have been having for eight months and this is defiantly helping. Bear in mind mine was the size of a saucer. So take all advice and research all options and if you find other dressings and treatment ask because they won't offer if it's expensive treatment. In addition in the early days I had also many chemo infusions ( albeit weaker than a cancer strength) of which helped but didn't completely clear the ulcer. Good luck and be patient.


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