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Does anyone have any experience with Fluoxetine?

I have been using it for about 18 months and recently it does not seem to be as effective. I am feeling low and run down and I don't seem to be finding much joy in things.

I have tried going to the gym to boost my mood but I still seem to be low

I take 1 x20mg tablet a day and dr has left it up to me to decide if I want to increase. But if I di I am concerned with the side effects and also how easy it will be to reduce the dose later.

Does any one have any advice/experience


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I used to be on fluoxetine but gp changed it to citolapram.cant remember why but think i feel a lot better on them.,could you ask your gp for them on trial


I also take citalopram and have no trouble with them. They work for me and always have done. I think it's certainly worth talking to the doctor about changing to them.



I have taken fluoxetine before. It was years ago. I was initially on 40 mg and all I can remember, in the way of side effect, was the shaky feeling. I put up with it as it worked well and then it was reduced to 20 mg. I have and still take citalopram and again the higher the dose the more shaky I am. It's generally in the hands and very rare with 20 mg.


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