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Lupus and thyroid problems

I wonder if anybody has lupus as well as problems with their thyroid. My lupus is quiescent, under control with only Hydroxy and CalciumVitD3Forte. However, in the past I had hypothyroidism but it resolved without me taking any medication. Many hypothyroid and lupus symptoms are similar. My face is often swollen, mainly cheeks and the lower part of the forehead, my throat sometimes hurts around the Adam's apple, and there is more...Thanks for any response.

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I have graves disease aswel as lupus and I often struggle to know which condition is causing which problem. I had a thyroidectomy in the hope it would help solve some of my thyroid issues but it hasn't really made any difference for me


Hi petrov, I first had thyroid issues, (multi-nodular goitres). Like lulu, was battling other symptoms and blamed it all on thyroid. Also had thyroidectomy, twice. It started to grow back a year later"....... Was only the start of my probs, not the cure. Thyroid issues are quite common in lupus patients. Drs are only in recent years, making that connection.


Yes I am male and have lupus and hypothyroidism take all the lupus drugs and 200mg of thyroxine I think they work together to knock the stuffing out of me and stop the lupus meds working at times g


Thanks for you reply, what are your hypothyroidism symptoms, if I can ask, please?


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