Symptom help????

I wonder if any of you kind souls can help me.

I have today been struggling with abdominal pains that go up to my chest. I e not experienced this before. I also think I have an uti. The pain is not severe, but is more crushing and I feel very bloated. I have had tummy issues since starting hydroxycloroquine so had put it down to that, but this is different.

My question is, I'm going to see the GP tomorrow if possible, but should I be concerned if it gets worse tonight as it has been getting progressively worse all day.

I've never experienced this before so I don't know if it's "normal" or not.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Best to check by calling 111. It might be something that will wait for a GP, but if it's getting worse and you are worried, get help fast.

  • Thank you, I've had a hot bath and it has eased a bit. So as long as it doesn't get any worse , I'll try and make it til morning, thank you. Still trying to get my head around all this, any every pain sort of freaks me out!

  • Well done at finding a way to ease it. It's very easy for any of us to worry about every new pain or symptom. Hydroxy made me very windy at first until I got used to it (didn't take long) and it was from coming to this wonderful forum that I learned so much. Very often someone will have info, advice, or will just listen to what's going on x

  • Thank you so much. Hot bath always makes me feel better no matter what's wrong, I think it's probably psychological but whatever works! I've been on the Hydroxy for almost 3 months, I think it's beginning to work, I'm hoping this is just a little set back. I even thought maybe I was having a secret baby this afternoon!

  • On what side of your abdomen is the pain? Do you take any NSAIDs? I have had gastritis since starting on Naproxen and then Celecoxib. The Naproxen was just vicious!!

    It could also be acid reflux, which tends to be comorbid with a lot of these conditions and medication. Talk to your GP about it if it continues to bother you.

    All the best.

  • Thank you, the pain is all over, I have already had appendix out so all good there. I take Moloxicam and Amytriptlanyn

  • Sorry, when I had it out, about 3 years ago, the surgeon remarked that although the appendix was swollen, my abdomen was full of fluid that probably irritated the appendix! So I'm hoping the pain isn't connected to that. I am very swollen tummy wise. Will go to GP this morning. Thank you x

  • The pain could be abdominal or muscular and chances are that its gastric that's causing wind pain, however, its never a good idea to leave pain that travels to your chest. Off to the GP

  • Update

    After spending 2 and half hours at the drs. They don't really know what's happening. Urine shows ++ White Blood Cells and ++ Protein. I do have some minor UTI symptoms, but as I ahve had had many over the years and a kidney removed, I have had never had symptoms like this. SO I have antibiotics. The abdo and chest pain they don't know what it is. The DR thought she heard a murmur on my heart so I had to have an ECG. NO fever, O2 sats perfect, BP fine! They queried appendicitis, but I had mine removed 3 years ago. The asnwer was if it gets worse, go to A&E. They also recommend I do a pregnancy test.

    I am NOT pregnant, cycle normal etc

    Feel a bit lost now. Have started the Antibiotics, but not sure where to go. I don't want to waste A&E's time, ut I can't continue like this indefinitely.

  • If they've told you to attend A&E if it's worse, then you're not wasting time at all. Don't suffer stoically. I hope it eases up!

  • Update

    After two and a half hours at the drs

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