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Lupus aches & a high temp, sore throat, feeling sick & constant headache. Any advice?

Hi everyone since last night I have had a constant headache, high temp, been feeling sick & a sore throat. Unfortunately I cannot get hold of my rheumatologist, any of the ward sisters or my renal consultant. My gp over the phone said to take a paracetamol & have bloods done tomorrow, so I was wondering whether anyone had any advice of what I could do to help with the pain and make myself more comfortable?

Thank you.

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I'm only new to all this but firstly I would suggest trying to get your temp down. The paracetamol will help with that. Ibuprofen is good too but takes a little longer to get started. Both can be taken at the same time but obviously within the safe amount and timing. Getting the temp down often helps with general aches no matter the cause. I always know when my temp is up or the room temp is up because my aches increase. The headache may be helping the feeling of sickness so try a cold flannel over your forehead or back of the neck.

Gargling aspirin often helps a sore throat, it's awful but it can work. An Aussie doctor told me that one when I had tonsillitis.

Hope I've been a little help. Take care. Remember Keep warm but don't allow the temp to get too high, you don't need Rigors and they will leave all your body aching xxx


Thank you x


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