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Hi I am 27 n I was 24 when I was diagnosed with SLE n I have had one knee replaced n 27 treatmens of cemo


I have another knee replacement coming up in June I have lost all my hair n all my teeth n now finally after 3 yrs of pain I am finally -1 but what does that mean ? When can I b sure its gone or will it never b gone? Am I always doing to b living in fear that I won't b able to get out of bed again ? I have a 4 and 5 yr old that need there mommy ! My kids have seen things kids there age have never seen and I just want to b active n b able to take care of my family like a mother should!!!! What should I expect to come next

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Maybe this will help


Mona...I don't know what your religion , is or if you have one....but I do a lot of praying....after I had my girls. They Were born 14 and 12 years ago. I started not feeling good here and there. I started praying that I would live long enough to see my girls grow up. I still pray everyday for support , and to know I am not alone. God works in mysterious ways, and I have found help through natural healing. I believe in the bodies ability to heal. God has directed me to finding answers, and I am feeling stronger and better everyday. I have been an enormous worrier my entire life , and it has only made me sick. I am learning to let go, and to have faith again in that things will work out, somehow. My husband has also taught me that worrying doesn't get us anywhere. I find it amazing when we can't pay our bills, that he still doesn't worry....find strength in knowing that God is there for us..we only need ask for help...(I didn't mean to preach. And a lot of people are anti God. I hope I did not offend u)....take care of yourself as best u can. Your children love you.

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I am Catholic n thank u very much ! I'm glad to here I'm not alone I am a big beliver

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R u in remission ? How do u no ? How different do u feel I just bought the nutibulit n I'm planing to start a natural diet

What happened to your knee? Could you give some detail? I have a shoulder that needs replacing

From all the prednisone I got dgd degentradive bone desise excuse my spelling then RA then OA n now all my joints r shot my knees r bone on bone my elbows r bone on bone so that's what happened to my knees but I'm suppose ably in remission -1 from the lupis do u no what that means ? How fast can it come back ? I'm feeling better but I'm scared of not being able to get out of bed again !!!

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