Two rheumy a in 2 different states. Both did blood work. First one said positive ANA but that the DNA test was definite positive and meant

Lupus. Recently moved to another state. New rheumy took many, many blood tests to rule out other things. Said ANA negative but positive DNA .... He hesitated to call it lupus because "I'm not sick". So he's going with fibromyalgia with positive DNA. I take Tramadol for pain. I was diagnosed with fibro in times past. Gees, what now??

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  • Hi Jbug

    It's tough trying to get a definitive diagnosis for Lupus! Shame you moved states and now have a different Rheumy adding to your confusion! Also the ANA can fluctuate and sadly isn't suggestive of Lupus only, it can appear with other illnesses or in healthy people. I guess your new Rheumy will keep an eye on you as your DNA was positive and he'll see if you develop new symptoms. Tough having Fibro, hope Tramadol works. X

  • Thank you Misty 14. Yes, my new rheumy is keeping an eye on me. I am just taking it day by day and thankful that I am feeling pretty good today! Mostly I just get up and go anyway!

  • I have had all the symptoms of Lupus for 6 years I was sent to see a Rheumy guy I asked him if he thought it might be fibromyalgia he said fibromyalgia was all in the head and I would not be covered in bruises it makes me wonder if we know enough about Lupus

  • Onamission, no we don't and the doctors don't. They try to placate us with a med., but how can you treat something that you really don't know enough about? They only try to ease the symptoms. In their defense though, I guess it's like any other disease, either they figure it out after years and years of research or they don't. Either way, it just stinks!

  • I have had lupus for about 13 years. I to moved to a warmer climate and now a new rheumatologist is saying that I have mixed connective tissue disease. Just because your not sick doesn't mean you don't have lupus. MCTD is just a bunch of autoimmune diseases with lupus in with it. There are also 4 different types of lupus. Since your dr said you have a positive DNA it means you have a double stranded DNA. You need to get another opinion. Oh and be careful of how much tramadol you take. It can give you seizures. Hope you find some answers.

  • I totally agree with you Tiredofdrs41! I think I will just stick with good ole Ibuprofen, and I don't take it daily. He was telling me to take 2 tramadol as much as 3 times a day. Yikes! I would be so loopy I would be down for sure. Thanks for the advice, I'll take it!

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