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sun light/redness


I use 50 and thirty factor sun cream, but why do I still go so red and I am annoyed that people say I am burnt, I tell them I have a skin condition to keep them quiet, but i am getting to hate being asked this, I do love to get out in the summer, I have arthritis, sle, antiphospholipid syndrome and I am on warfarin for life. I have had this for many years now and feel its a case of putting up with Lupus and what goes with it, does anyone else feel like this? Sorry for the recent moan.

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Hi gco34, I have the same problem! Only sat in garden for 5 maybe 10 minutes having natter with my daughter looked like i'd got 3rd degree burns by the time went in! I agree it is so horrible I love the sun and usually holiday in Florida, but haven't been able to go since diagnosed 7 years ago!!!!!!

Snap, I USED to be a sunworshiper I used to just look at the sun and I got a tan, I havent been abroad for 10 years now I think the insurance would be expensive as well as sun to strong, but it would be nice to sunbathe just to feel the warmth instead of itch.

I completely empathise.....this will be only my second summer since diagnosis and already I'm feeling fed up. Despite using factor 50 , yesterday just walking the kids to school and taking dog for a walk, by the time I got home at 9.30 I was red all around my neck and top of my chest where my t shirt hadn't covered. I've already lost my hair so have to wear a head scarf at all times which can get very hot and I'm feeling like I'm going to have to cover the rest of me too. It's going to be a long sweaty summer I feel! ...not easy when all your friends are beginning to wear their lovely pretty summer tops..... Does anyone know of any higher factor sunblock ( I use sun sense at the moment) or what do people wear during the summer over the sunblock?

Yes I feel just the same! With me my skin on my face,chest and neck is mottled & red all year round and it just gets worse in the sun even with Factor 50+ Sun block on which I have to wear all year on any exposed skin . The skin on the rest of my body also goes red, mauve and blotchy with various rashes :-( People always make comments about how I've got burnt/caught the sun etc and it drives me mad that they can be so rude. Now I just tell them outright I have an autoimmune condition that affects my skin. By the by in the UK, Europe and Australia the SPF is capped at 50+ as any higher offers little more in the way of protection as explained in this article here:

I have just bought myself a long sleeved rash guard (like a long sleeved swimming shirt) to cover up with on holiday this year as I just can't lay out in the sun any more :-(

Great article, very informative, thanks tcogb xxx

people dont understand it. dont go out in the sun at all if you do have to cover up and under that cover wear sun block, this is the only way i can go out and not get red. its not fun hooded tops and long sleeves ut i also limit my time out to 5 mins or less so as there isnt a bigger risk

do you use any other creams fro your skin on a regular daily basis/

I want to cry...I am a beach girl...grew up going to the beach all summer long. I noticed last year the sun was itchy for the first couple of times, and then I seemed to burn more easily than I use to. Will see what this year brings. I will cover up, but I am not going to stay indoors the rest of my life. Put SPF 50 on yesterday when I rode my bike. Seemed to work...missed a spot. I already bought myself a cover up for the beach with a hood to cover my head and arms...have to get pants next. Love the ocean, and won't give that up, ever....

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