Does anyone have problems with chlorine in the swimming pool?

hello fellow loopies. I am doing really well now that I understand my condition and try to work within its limitations. I have just taken up swimming again which is good good for mind and body and met some great people at the pool. However my skin itches dreadfully afterwards and have come up with a rash as I am reacting to the chlorine. I shower thoroughly after I get out of the pool. Really frustrating as I generally feel pretty rotten for 24 hours which somewhat diminishes the high from participating. Does anyone experience this too and how do you manage?

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  • Hi,I had a similar reaction many years ago & discovered that different pools use different chemical cocktails.I had limited success with antihistamines but eventually had to move to another pool because my eyes & breathing had become affected.If it is purely a skin reaction that you're having then it might be worthwhile ensuring that your shampoo & shower products are free of SLS & other such nasties which irritate the skin & trying a good body moisturiser afterwards. I work with Neals Yard Remedies Organic Skincare & any of our products would be suitable but especially our Oat Body Lotion which would help soothe any irritation.

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences. I have always had iffy skin so i do take great care with the purity of the lotions and potions I use, I have tried neals yard products and they are wonderful. I do find oats very soothing so may try heading home and getting into a bath with oats in a sock and see if that stops the rash and itching. Thank you again.

  • It might be worth,if you're heading straight home after your swim,having a thorough bath or shower once you're home because there will always be chlorine in the air anywhere near a pool. Alternatively,you could try to find out if there is a pool near you which is sanitised with Bromine rather than Chlorine.I know canine hydrotherapy pools use this instead of chlorine because it's kinder to the skin.(I'm not suggesting,for a minute,that you have anything in common with our canine friends! Lol)

  • I have great respect for our canine friends so laughed too. Very interesting re the bromine so thank you for that. I feel really fed up about the whole thing as was working so hard to get to the point of entering a pool as a few months ago could not have managed the steps. So once I had conquered that hurdle I was just naive thinking it was all upwards and onwards! Thank you again for responding, it really makes a difference knowing others who understand and care. X

  • Haha,I know what you mean about steps as I'm currently at the stage of having to avoid them! Good luck with finding something that suits & please let me know if I can help in any way.

  • As yet Ive not been brave enough to get in our local pool as the chlorine stings my eyes if i even sit on the pool area! i suggest see your GP, Nurse or Consultant advise as Id say this is a very grey area with creams and lotions.

    Id love to get swimming again.

  • Thank you for your reply Kazp. Its taken me 2 years to get to this stage so a bit frustrating! Poor you getting such a violent reaction to chlorine. Take care x

  • It a question Ive always wanted answered myself about chlorine, i suppose depends on the pool and how sensitive your skin is.

    Chin up, Ive had Lupus 30 years and I'm darned if its gonna get me!!

  • I went for my first session of hydrotherapy (sore today!) yesterday, having been told they are not so chloriney. Had to go straight to work after the session & was SO ITCHY!!!!! NOT ALLOWED TO USE SOAP/SHAMPOO/GELS in their showers & scratched my skin raw til I could get home & shower!

  • Hi,

    This is how I am just from having a shower !! I limit myself to having 2 showers a week, 3 if I'm on a good day.

    I can't use shower gels or soaps, instead I wash with Aqueous Cream, then moisturize after with Balneum Cream, then followed with a steroid cream called Betnovate. These are all on prescription from my gp.

    I showered this morning at 10:00 and its now 11:30 and still im itching. I wouldn't allow myself to go swimming as I can't even begin to think how I'll be after that.

  • The chlorine hurts my lungs. Use baquicil in my pool at great. Chlorine makes my skin crazy too and my daughters.

  • so sorry we all having this problem, but it helps me to read this because I don't think my pulmonologist believe me when I tell her that clorine really messes up my lungs. She doesn't get it that they even use chlorine gas as a weapon now in Afghanistan or Iraq somewhere and did iWorld War 2. Yes I agree about the bromine but it's more expensive. If I had my own pool I would use that. My sweet little dog did Hydrotherapy underwater in a treadmill tank where they use bromine and I could be in the room and breathe just fine with her there. But get me around the pool I start coughing and hacking and I end up with bronchitis.

    as an aside, the same sweet little dog was just pts on September 1st and I'm in anguish.

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