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I'm at a loss and the frequent urination is becoming a big thing now


So yesterday I drank some water When I went to the gym and then later I had a soft drink the diluted ones with no added sugar I must of went about 10 times yesterday Until 8pm it died down and I was going every hour up until 12 then I went to sleep at 12 I then managed to go to sleep and not go a wee at all then I woke up at 7:30am and I had to go so I went then after had the urge to go and that urge is still there now I have been 6 times since 7:30am and my doctor said today that I need to wait to have the blood test On Monday I know its not diabetes its my incline that it's not Its more like it can take a little wee and then my mind knows its there so I have to go can anyone help (I know you always do) With any ideas to an actual diagnosis and self help tips on what I can do for the time being and try to urge the Need to not go every now and again we are only meant to wee 8 times a day. Also is there any think I can buy and food or drink that may help or any form of over the counter treatment and again thank you for all your help

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The more you drink, the more you wee. If you are on Steroids it is GOOD to drink plenty of water. If it burns when you wee then it could be an inflation of your bladder. Try drinking Sugar Free Cranberry juice with HOT water, I use about 1" cranberry juice to full 1/2 pt glass of water. There is No limit on how many times you should go to the loo, everyone is different. You can eat a FEW salted peanuts at night - don't know why it works but it does! Good luck.xx


I feel I have to reply although not sure how I can help. I have had similar problem with feeling the constant need to go - whilst only seeming to pee out what I consider to be a couple of teaspoons! I didn't realise how bad it had gotten until I was out with my family for a day and I kept needing to go - they kept saying surely you don't need to go again! I have mentioned this to a rheumy and he said it could be related but never found out how or why, my health took a turn for the worse and I have been put on gabbapentin for whatever reason it has helped a bit, but I do notice I have times where the 'urge' and frequency increase (pre-flare?!?) it is very irritating - and when I hear other members of my family having big long wee's I'm always slightly amazed, probably cos I can't hold that much, I feel like the sensation to go - is nearly always there! There is a procedure I believe where they inflate yr bladder and see how much fluid you can hold etc so I would speak to yr Dr and explain what's happening get it checked out. Then and only then will you know for sure. Best of luck

Hi there,

If you are sure it's not diabetes than it could be related to the bladder (or urethra itself). It might be chronic inflammation related to lupus or a persisten infection in that case you would have an urge but you would not have a lot of urine out. If it is connected to kidneys than you would have actually more urine than expected from the amount you drink and your blood pressure would be lower than usually due to increased fluid loss. Another option is that you are retaining urine in your bladder and it does not come out when you push so you constantly feel like there is something 'left'.

Each of the options require a consultant urologist's attention so if you don't get an answer from your GP ask to see a specialist.

One advice, drink a lot!! Whatever the problem is it will get worse if you don't drink enough.

Btw. there could be a psychological aspect in there too as now you are very aware of your peeing habbits so just thinking about peeing makes you want to go. So drink a lot, wait until you are quite full , go once and then try to distract yourself in some way. I have a habbit of peeing just before I go to sleep (like within 5 min) and if I don't go I cannot fall asleep.. i know it's all in my head as I don't really need to go but i just cannot change it.

Had problems with peeing where I had the urge but nothing came out. Got an orange pill from hospital to pee and anti biotic for slight UTI. Apparently, constant UTIs irritated the urinary tract. Since I have been taking digestive enzymes and an enzyme for my possible clotting problem, I am having healthier pees (oh, and a daily cranberry supplement) with no more very little pee every two seconds which is where I was. I do pee often and I get up 3 or 4 times in the night (which is very disruptive to my sleep), but at least it is healthy and not nothing. Don't know if there's a connection, but it has been working for me. The cranberry supplement may be enough. Cranberry keeps bacteria from attaching to walls. Hope this helps.

I had the same problem for years, then i went to see a uroligist, and had botox injections into the bladder, it was the best cure ever, speak to your gp, and ask to be referred. good luck.

This happened to me when I was on tablets to reduce the water retention I had after renal failure. Then when all that was done I had formed a habit that was difficult to break. If I feel anything in my bladder I neeeeed to go! But it's getting better. All I can recommend is pushing yourself not to go- try wearing underwear pads if you don't feel confident to do this right away (they always help put my mind at ease even if they're just pantyliners!) and then you can slowly start to break the habit.

It might be more serious than that! I could be wrong. But if it is more of a habit thing this is how I dealt with it <3 I still go LOADS more than other people but not as much as before!!

Hello again, sorry you are having such problems. It sounds as if you may need to see a specialist in urology at the hospital. My Mum had to have a cystogamm I think it was called, as she kept getting infectjions and they discovered that she had an inflamed lining to her bladder. She was able to live with this and didn't need treatment and over time it settled down. But until the tests had been done we worried. Sometimes something treatable is found and then you can have the treatment to get better. Its worth following up and going back if things don't settle, and with lupus, you do need to keep as healthy as possible.

Sometimes things happen that we can't put a name to and just have to accept that but I think you'r a long way from being like that at the moment. Good luck.

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