Smile :)

Smile :)

..................... :-) :-) ..........................

Smiling is infectious,

You catch it like the flu.

When someone smiled

at me today, I started smiling too,

I passed around the corner,

and someone saw me grin.

When he smiled I realized,

I'd passed it on to him! I thought

about that smile, then I realized it's worth.

A single smile just like mine,

could travel round the Earth!

Share your Smile by Passing this on!

....................... :-) :-) ..........................

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  • Love it punnoose 619.....thanks for sharing

  • Thank you Natura..... make sure you to have a beautifull smile on your face as you go out and make someones day beautifulll.... :)

  • That's made me smile!! X

  • carry it on day by day dear Tally.... make the world smile n shine..... :)

  • I love this I have seen it before in a magazine called 'All about Sheffield'. and it is true a smile is worth more than money any day. I always give people I know a Hug and a Xmas our village had a 'Light up Eckington' night. My friend and my self decorated my Zimmer frame with Tinsel etc and a big sign saying 'FREE HUGS' and we both hat Santa hats and tinsel all over us. The response was amazing and it was Children who came up first and then there was no stopping it. We have now been asked to do it again this year. A SMILE and a HUG put a smile on everyone's face. It made me forget the pain. Thank You for sharing, just brilliant.xx

  • Nice to see a fellow yorkshire lady...I live in Sheffield :)

  • Hazel

    know what? i am really glad you know real glad..... highly infectious like a flu its the best gift that a person can give to another no what whether he is a total stranger or an enemy..... keep smiling Hazel n keep in touch

  • Wow I love this! At last an infection I don't mind catching xxxx

    Thanks for sharing


  • Smile is indeed infectious lizzi... it can melt hearts to the core.... keep that smile on.... :)

  • Ha ha,

    You should try saying 'Hello' & smiling at people too!

    They either look at you blankly (As if you're mad, or else,they smile back and say 'Hello' too - usually with a shocked expression on their faces, as, lets face it - here in London, people are afraid to even make eye contact!!! :) :D

  • :)

  • Hi, Why don't you come along to our group lunch, it is Sat 29th at the Caffe Piazza @ 18 Chuch Str. S21 2GN. There are around 12 of us meet up have a Laugh and a natter with our lunch (FOOD GREAT and Cheap) The group are from all round s. Yorkshire, Chesterfield, Hull, Doncaster and are a brilliant bunch. I am the 'granny' at 66 and there are all ages. We help each other and it has made a great difference to me. I live in Eckington, just over the border and go to Halfway and catch the tram to the Cathedral and then just walk up. I will be the 'greeter' again this month so I will be there around 11pm and the rest follow, we aim to have our meals ordered by 12pm and all being 'Lupies' we understand if you need/want to go early or come late. If you go to. Sheffield Lupus Group on facebook you will see some of us. Would love you to come along, Everyone is welcome. Hazel Hollingsworth.xx

  • Hazel thank you for the invite. I'm looking on google to see where the cafe is and it looks to be just above the cathedral??? I'm near meersbrook park so can get a bus to town and then a walk, but I need to be sure its where I think it is so I know how far I have to walk....

  • ..and I joined the sheffield group on facebook some time ago..just havent been in there much

  • Yes as you walk up from the Cathedral it is on the Right hand side just above Lloyds Bank.. If you are coming I will let Sam know - she phones the Caffe the day before so they can get the Tables set for us. I have made Name Clips for us all as we get 'Brain Fog' Will Make you one out ready. Just Chris ok ? You can e.mail me on or on the facebook page - Hazel

  • Sent you a fr/request on facebook and yes Chris is fine...thank you. All being well I will be there x

  • Yes got it OK.xx

  • :) keep it on....

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