What contraception do you use??

Hi All,

Ive been on Cerazzete for the past 3 years due to very heavy periods and Marvelon contributing to a flare. Im getting fed up of the constant spotting and constant discharge.

Can anyone recommend a contraception to use?? I have read about the injection and coil but would appreciate some advice on people's experiences before making a decision.

Thanks in advance.

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I was advised against the injection and have used by cerazette and marvelon in the past. I have recently had a coil fitted and 3 months on my periods have all but stopped as have the continual headaches I experienced while on the pill. Hope this helps


Hi - I'm on the Mirena coil and it suits me I could never take the pill as it made me ill. It helps with minimal bleeding as well, also lasts 5 years. The injection you would need a bit more often so it depends how able you are to get to appts that said it is every 3 months. Hope this helps if you have any questions regarding coil please feel free to ask x


Hi i have the Mirena coil as i had really bad bleeding they last 5 years this is my 3rd one now and working well, it does take about 3 months to settle down and i did get bad cramps for a while but well worth putting up with.

Hope this helps.


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