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Does anybody have problems with there Dip and Pip joints feeling like there popping out?

I've noticed this before when I'm flaring. But it feels like the Dip joint (closest to nail) and pip (middle knuckle) just want to pop out and they crackle. This is without any pressure being put on the joint. I can feel the joint crack and move as if they are not stable. I have days where these joints sting and burn but it doesn't feel like it's in the joints. Then days where it's deep bone pain if that makes any sense. I have bi-lateral joint pain in most joints. Also in my feet first 2 toes mainly and I've noticed my toenails have changed growing direction on 2nd toe of each foot - instead of growing straight they now grow diagonal to the right, wondering if this is due to joint changes? Wondering if anyone can relate at all? Thanking you in advance x

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Yes i get this.I Feel as if my fingers will "Break" very easily!


Hi Sharonleane - thanks for replying, just wondering if you know what's causing it or if it has a name - I've not mentioned it to anyone yet, it seems to be getting a tad worse - like any of the symptoms - seem to get a new symptom which starts off mild then progressively gets worse! Wonder if the rest of my joints are going to follow the same way! Well wishes x


It got so painful i couldnt even grip a pen but in my case it does come and go and my knees and ankles feel the same also for some reason. Dont know what its called im afraid as All my Doctors have signed me off of their care with a view theyve done all they can ...treatment wise thats a big fat nothing.

All the best to you Jo anyway.


Hmmm that sucks.... And I was kinda wondering if the rest of my joints would follow! I also suffer with knees toes ankles elbows wrists,shoulders and neck and spine when bad. Got clicky knees but not spread to other joints as yet. It started in fingers. I read here a lot how some people have the right care team and have on the ball consultants that keep trying whilst others struggle for the help they need, or even getting a diagnosis - and it's just wrong, I've been Ill since I was 19 and fobbed off left right and centre. I've had good spells and bad - but I'm 41 now and it's gotten a whole lot worse - but I'm going to hang around like a bad smell now until the drs get to the bottom of it - it helps talking to like minded others though. You then know yr not on ur own. I wish you well, never give up xxx


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