Tell me about histones?

I seem to have an issue with Histones. I have always had an issue with my skin reacting quickly to any irritation, even applying moisturizer, by getting very red and then fading after about an hour. Having a cuddle with my husband always leaves me red and itchy on face and neck. Now I am getting hive like rashes or welts on legs and arms. They don't last long - and hour or two - but are obvious and not sure what is causing them. My Rheumi has mentioned several times that my histones are flaring when I have been at appointments. He says it rather casually and I mostly just let it go without asking him why. Last appointment he had a student with him and he was giving her my history and pushing her (as a teacher I guess) for her diagnosis, he mentioned a couple of times histones. I understand that histones make me red and are a reaction like an allergic one I think, how would this fit into a diagnosis? I don't see it as any one of the criteria for Lupus diagnosis - would it help get a diagnosis or be going in another direction. Thank you for any input on this.

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I suspect that you are very sensitive as I am. I have many listed allergies on my emergency care record. I had one test for Lupus, but it came back as negative, but my arm swelled up and was painful after the blood test. As it has taken some people up to 20 years of blood tests to get a positive diagnosis, I decided to do my best to manage it, but keep my GP informed. He said it could be Lupus, but it could be something else, too.

I always get a cold sore when I kiss my husband and bruise when touched heavily leading to pain. It has left me very isolated especially with food, electro and chemical allergies.

Some of us are finding the 21st century very difficult to live in. I belong to Lupus UK and go to the local support meetings and read the newsletters because I do find them interesting and helpful, but no two lupus patients appear to suffer exactly the same, although the butterfly rash on the face is supposed to be one example of which I do suffer from. However, the stress and pain of continuous blood tests for a diagnosis is not for me.


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