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c4 blood results

Hi there all still a very confused person with my rhuemy My gp done set of bloods he says my c4 is low at 0.17 and rhuemy says it is perfectly normal as she says everything normal from my hair falling out (alopeacia) mouth ulcers, painful joints with complete exhaustion headaches need i go on still stays not lupus n other doc says yes it is been two years now felt real fool teling her my doc thought it was low for her to tell not to be silly and she is the specialist ...yeah right.... had my moan any thoughts please any would be of help think am going mad......

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Hi there.

I would wait a few weeks to allow your rheumatology letter to arrive with your GP, and then make an appointment to see your GP to discuss with them.

Your GP may be able to interpret what the rheumatologist is saying and explain this to you. Alternatively, if your GP disagrees, then they can perhaps fight your corner and explore other options for you, perhaps a second opinion?

Best of luck.


Thanks for your reply cud do with this site to fight my corner I think all anyone needs is someone to listen thankyou again


You can always ask your GP to refer you to a different rheumy if you don't feel you're getting the answers you need...... I completely empathise with you, my rheumy has been pretty poor. I always feel like Im being rushed and never have a chance to explain things properly. In the summer I lost two thirds of my hair and my GP said 'that'll be the lupus' but my rheumy said 'nothing to do with the lupus!' ....very frustrating. I Never know what to believe but my GP is definitely more sympathetic and actually listens to me. She seems to actually want to help which Is what I need. My GP also said that some rheumys still base all their diagnosis purely on the blood results and nothing else whereas other rheumys base their diagnosis on a full medical history as well. She even suggested sending me to someone else!

Good luck and I hope you find some answers soon xxx


Thankyou for taking the time to reply and listen which is more than docs will do. Thankyou xxx


hiya! I was diagnosed last year, when I was in hospital my c3 & c4 levels were undetectable. since then my c3 has increased but my c4 remains low (I cant remember the figure though). I have been told by both my rheumatologist and nephrologist that is nothing to worry about as the c3 has returned to normal. They also said the the c4 might stay like that now too! However from the symptoms you have described I don't believe I am suffering as badly as you! I still get ulcers and lost a great deal of hair but now it is starting to get thicker again. Can you ask to be referred to a different rheumatologist?! x


just looked- my c4 is 0.08!


Thankyou for your reply and going out of you way for you results think a different rheumy is my best option thankyou again and stay well xxxxxx


Hi, would definitely find yourself a new rheumy..I changed mine after dealing with one with very similar attitude. From what I have been told a drop in C3 &/or C4 levels can both be indicators of lupus activity...though lupus can also be active and these may remain within normal range...everybody with lupus is different and my rheumy say that much of the time blood results can be normal and should therefore be viewed as supportive of diagnosis and not essential to diagnosis and that the past history and pattern of symptoms that meets the agreed criteria for lupus is more important...Good luck and hope your gp can help you find a rheumy who puts patients before their ego...sending big hugs x


Thankyou xx big hugs n good health xxx


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