brain involvment

I suffered a TIA ,(mine stroke ) about 6 months ago and since then i have been having headaches, sharp shooting pains in my head, strange sensations on my head as if there is something moving it actualy wakes me up at night, more forgetful than normal with lupus, sever numbness in my feet and lesg, severe fatigue more than usual too, dizzy turn daily, my reumi thinks there may be brain involvment, i am going back to neurologist tomorrow morn, and see wot she thinks anyone suffered this at all....its all very scary at times,,,

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  • Thinking of you and really hope you get the info you need from the neurologist.

  • Thank you very much...

  • the neuro team will i hope get an MRI done and bloods, I have a tremor on my left hand arm and leg ankle, ive had bloods and MRI and nothing shows. hope all gets better soon

  • Hi yes hopefully they do i have had mri obviously for the stroke which did show other abnormalities, but many other symptoms since then , i hav also had a tremor in my left hand a few times too buit not for last month, fingers crossed get results soon thanx for reply wish you well too,,,,Mo

  • sorry you are suffering this way. I have something similar and had an mri scan which was negative for vascular but was dignosed with a form of epilepsey. its called complex partial seizures as I was having the same weird but electrical charges in my brain which could persist all day but I also had black outs. I have also had an eeg done so hopefully I will get to the bottom of it. just tell the neuro team all your symptoms and how often they occur and how you feel afterwards the more info the better they can help you. good luck and I hope they can sort you and relieve your symptoms

  • thank you, obviously my first mri showed the fact i had a stroke but there was also another white bloch which they then said cld jst be wear n tear, and my ct scan did show some abnormalities,,?? they didnt realt explain them, so hopefully now i may get some answers as long as i know wot the problem is it doesnt be so scary and can get wot ever needs to be done, thank you for reply and i wish you well too,,,mo

  • I agree that the more you know and understand the more we can cope with. Its the waiting that is awful as the stress it causes makes the Lupus worse. I hope they get to the bottom of your problems and that you start to feel better. All the very best. x

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