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Alternative Therapy

Hi, I'm fed up of taking all this toxic medication. I watched my Mom take the same medication and more, she's had multiple organ failure twice now has kidney failure on dialysis three times a week....I want to take control of my life it's been 11years. Does anybody know of any good naturopaths I'm considering becoming a vegetarian I've been reading about juice and water fasts but I need a good naturopath....would love to visit Uchee Pinnes clinic in US but as usual too expensive..can anybody recommend a good sincere naturopath.....

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Where do you live? Not sure I can recommend anyone as you'll need to be able to travel for regular appointments. I know a good nutritional therapist in Brighton.

Just to let you know that there is hope. I am now in remission and I've stopped all medication! The meds didn't agree with me anyway, so I was forced to try an alternative approach. I use acupuncture, diet, mindfulness and natural herbal medicine to treat my symptoms and I have had success. To be clear, I never had any organ involvement (just joints, nerves, muscles and tendons) and I had full support from my rheumatologist when weaning off my drugs. Initially I tried Hydroxy but just made me feel terribly nervous (like waking up with exam nerves every morning) and since I'd had a history of anxiety and depression I stopped taking it. Then I tried steroids, which I had a terrible reaction too (I became suicidal), so I was left with Naproxen, 500mg twice a day, but suffered side effects such as dizziness and bladder discomfort, so my consultant supported me in coming off those gradually. Now I take none, and a year later, my ESR is now the lowest it's ever been!

You will need support if making drastic changes to your diet. I found it difficult but now I've found a happy balance. I went gluten free 18 months ago, I avoid sugar and limit dairy. I make my own gluten free cakes with coconut sugar or honey. I still eat meat and seem better when I avoid eating too many carbs (grain based). I am better in winter than summer, as the UV does definitely have a negative effect on me and I can't do as much. I feel so much better in myself, more in control (rather than lupus being in control!) and I have more energy than I've had in years.

Good luck with your own healing journey!



Hi, thanks for your response. I live in Reading I visited David Potterton before but he has moved.i just need to get things sorted, I'm just so tired feel like a slob and I feel like I'm constantly feel pre-menstrual lol.

I take 500 hydroxy, 10 prednisone, 200 thyroxine 1000 mycophenolate , I've stopped taking naproxen started getting burning sensations so I go along with the pain in the day and take tram idol and amitripilin at night. Just to try n sleep.

I don't eat a lot of red meat but I crave a lot of sugar so I want to sort my diet out and eat right for lupus. When I try and reduce my steroids my face swells around my eyes but I'm determined to get there. I still have pain on all the meds it just stops my eyes from swelling.

I know it's not gonna happen over night, but I'm willing to make some sacrifices. If I win the lottery I will buy myself a return ticket to Uchee Pines in America. Lol


Sounds like you are determined to get there, and are being realistic about the journey you'll need to take. I also found that the meds didn't really take away the pain, I had relentless burning in my arms at the time I was taking naproxen (it still comes and goes but is not nearly as much or as worrying). I'm not saying it was the naproxen that caused it though! Just part of the lupus flare. Keep going, and you'll gradually notice improvements. xx


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