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Alternative therapy inquiry


I'm a newbie. I have been living with SLE for 17 yrs now. It caused me kidney failure whereby I had to have dialysis and eventually a kidney transplant. Through out the years I have spent a fortune on massages and was wondering if anyone can direct me to a charity that offers alternative therapy and free massage.  I'm sick and tired of having to take prescribed drugs , I strongly want to go down the path of alternative therapy.  Also does anyone know if there's a lupus retreat?

Thank you

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I'd advise strongly against giving up your drugs to rely solely on alternative therapies.


Hi littlemissun,

I would strongly advise against stopping your prescribed drugs for alternative therapy. These treatments are used because they have been clinically proven to be effective with minimum risk to the patient. If you are currently experiencing unbearable side effects from your current treatments, please discuss it with your consultant to see if they can offer anything to help such as a change in dose or treatment.

It is certainly worth reviewing your lifestyle and seeing whether improvements in your diet and exercise can help you to manage your lupus better and some alternative therapies may be beneficial for some people in helping to manage particular symptoms. If you find that these changes improve your management of the condition over time, you may experience a period of remission and be able to reduce your treatment under your consultants care.

Please seek advice from your consultant before trying any alternative therapies or treatments because what may work for one person can potentially be harmful for another. Lupus is a very complicated and varied illness.

I am not aware of any charities who offer alternative therapy or massages and I am not aware of any 'lupus retreats'.

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Hi Paul

Thank you for your reply and advice. I will definitely speak with my consultant to see if I can at least reduce the amount of medication I take.

Thanks again




I am so sorry to hear of your trials. It can all come at you cant it? Its just not just one thing. There are so many ripples when you drop Lupus in a pond. So many symptoms. Family worries, money worries, work worries. I can understand the feeling of it all adding up, but please listen to MargaretGail and Paul. They have vast experience. Talk to your doc before you do anything.

You got me thinking though...

Anyone else like the sound of a Lupus retreat?

Sorry to be flippant but, hmm scream therapy, for the years of agony? Sledge hammer therapy, for the years of talking to the wall? Hydrotherapy in moisturiser, for all the itches? Eye candy, for all the eye problems. Permanent fluffy socks and mitts for cold tootsies. Peace, quiet... Er no, too much gossiping! Now THAT would be therapy. Opening soon... A Lupus Gossip Retreat.

Places limited please book early to avoid the disappointment of finding its all a dream! 




Hi Footygirl

Thank you for your response

I await  the day when the first lupus retreat opens. I will be the first guest. My gosh , wouldn't it be fab !

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