Constant itching

I was taken off methotrexate in November because my neuts had fallen to 0.8. Told to stay away from crowds. Had bone marrow biopsy which showed lack of folic acid. Neuts up a bit and back on methotrexate and folic 2 ,3 times aweek. Now got 3 disc shape rash on back and very itchy scalp. Thought I'd got nits!! But haven't. Help. Anyone else got awful constant itching? What can I do?

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hi keep-on-going,

I have that itching all over my body all the time, it feels like I have insects crawling under my skin. I have experienced this from the onset of my illness and its always there to a more or lesser degree, When I am in a flare it really intensifies. its one of those lupus symptoms I constantly have to live with . I think it its nervous system involvement. I have also been told that some medications can causes it. I find the calmer my lupus is the less intense the itching. Like you I find the head itching is the worse. I have also found using normal over the counter shampoos and conditioners make it worse. I started using the ginger shampoo from the body shop, which was recommended by someone on this site and it really helps (thank you who ever that was). You also said you are taking folic acid at present. Just from my experience I have found taking any supplement like folic acid, which has a boosting effect on my immune system makes my lupus and my itching worse.

I really hope you feel better x


Thanks field, I get that crawling feeling under skin especially face and scalp. I will try that shampoo. Thanks again and take care xx


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