Late to work again!

Late to work but I’m here swollen legs and all

Actually not late walked through the door dead on 9am and bumped into my manger

Him “Your cutting it close you need to keep an eye on the time in future …..why are you walking up the stairs like that?”

Me “My legs are very swollen and its painful to walk”

Him “…..” Bloody nothing to say

I should have f##king called in sick

What am I killing myself for?

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There are a great deal of ignorant people out there, If I was you I would Get some info on Lupus and give it to youre boss, if he still treats you with the same disrespect you have done youre bit in giving him the info he needs. Don't forget you have rights and once youre boss is Made aware he has to step up and show more understanding. You should not go to work feeling like you do today stress is the last thing you need. Good luck hope youre day gets better :)



Sorry to hear your bosses reaction,but my employer is no better,because of sick leave,hospital appointments etc.I was sent to an occupational health doctor, but the manner in which I was told by my manage that I had to go to occupational health was that the organisation was trying to weed people out.The doctor was understanding,but because the stress of the above is ongoing ,my GP is encouraging me to give up work ,so I am thinking about this.My employer knows I have Lupus,chronic migraine,raynauds , sjorgens(but they are not interested ).My advise would be ,talk to your GP/consultant because you may need their support in the future ,if things go pear shaped! I hope it works out better for you!


Hi there, I have not been able to work for many years due to lupus. Before a name was given to my problems I was struggling to work like you. It's survival of the fittest in most companies, and when you have been a good loyal employee, it hurts to be judged in this way. My husband supports us both now, but we do miss my income. I miss the independence my money gave me too. I often read posts on here where people are trying to hold down a job. I don't know how you all manage it. The fact that money is the reason is sad. We are genuinely ill people and the stress of financial problems make us worse. The government and PIP lot should do more to understand lupus. We are still unrecognised for our suffering. Take care.


Hi, is there a trades union representative in your workplace? Even if you are not a union member they should be able to give you some advice. Alternatively, I would suggest you arrange a meeting with your HR department.

Take care of yourself


I can relate to this too, one of my bosses are very understanding and if my energy level falls suddenely im allowed to sit in the tea room for 15 mins to "recharge" as I always work that extra 15 mins over my shift to make up time. but my other boss says " youre not entitled to a break, you look fine to me! you should have an early night.......blah blah blah" the ignorant camel breathe! x


It is when they look at you and make a judgement that you look ok to them, when inside you can feel awful and exhausted. My manager can't understand the fatigue, she seems to think I need to get some extra sleep and I will be fine. She is trying to get me to move office to a nearer branch, even though I am settled where I am, she said it will help with my fatigue. I have tried to explain to her, that even if I was at home all day I would still feel the fatigue, that it is part of the condition and that I need to pace myself. I often use the lifts in work, but one day before Christmas I walked down a flight of stairs, only to walk into her, she then made a big thing of me using the stairs. I told her the physio said I had to get some exercise as that is supposed to help, her reply to that was, I will have to keep an eye on your progress!


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