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Rant about judgemental medical staff!

Went for an ultrasound this morning - due to azathioprine causing a massive increase in my liver enzymes the GP referred me.

The radiographer more or less decided that the 'fatty' liver that was evident on scanning was due to my being 'obese' or having an unhealthy diet and/or alcohol.

I told her I don't drink, eat a healthy diet and have only gained weight since taking steroids for the last two and half years - the expression on her face was dismissive - I guess she thought I was fat woman who drinks and eats burgers and it was all my fault.

What a wonderful place the world would be if people didn't judge each other.

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Totally agree Slowmo. Some people think they are god's gift to mankind;)


Some gremlins have been on this site. Replyed to you ages ago but has disappeared. Just wanted to say snap!!! I am a sensible eater, teetotal, and a size 14. Radiographer did say fatty liver caused by meds. It is the DRS who question it


I got similar look the other day with my neurologist who asked me how much alcohol I drink per week and I said maybe 2-3 units a month, so he put down 0-2 per week and looked at me as if to say " I put this down but I don't believe a word you're saying". I've been having high liver function tests for the past few years and had so many liver scans and tests, he probably thought no smoke without fire.

I can't blame them, though - there are probably many others who are not that straight when it comes to overindulging. This thing about innocent until proven guilty happens only in movies :).

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I was put on Azathioprine when all my liver enzymes were in the hundreds. The gastro-enterologist worked with my rheumy when the liver ultrasound showed a lot of flecks and small scars. My diagnosis was auto-immune hepatitis and strangely enough it did improve slightly when I had my gallbladder removed, as gallstones can affect the results too. I was on it for about 5-6 years, tolerated it well and my liver has now recovered.

I also had the disapproving looks about my alcohol use (which worked out as the odd glass of cider at summer barbeques and asti spumante at birthdays and Christmas.) With liver results that high the last thing I wanted to do was drink as I would make me feel worse.

One particular time after I repeatedly said I hardly drank, I was so cross I said I wasn't in denial either! Which of course just adds fuel to their fire!

Just remind them that there is such a thing as non-alcoholic liver disease.

Hope you get to the bottom of it soon.


I had raised liver enzymes for most of the 18 months that I took methotrexate for. When I suggested to my GPs that it might be because of the odd glass of wine I was occasionally consuming they said no that would be different enzymes to these for alcohol. In the end I found out that even small amounts of occasional alcohol can increase the toxicity of the drug and ended up explaining this to my GPs! I came off it for other reasons though but there does seem to be a lot of ignorance amongst medical practitioners about these DMARDs.


This was my dx last week too. Cholesterol medications of statins has made havoc with my liver. I too, do not drink, eat like I should be 120 lb, used to be before the steroids were given back in the 70s-80s. Body makes memories of those fat cells that never go away. I eat very small meals, family upset at my obcession of clean eating, ate to eat out as I don't know the food prep/origin. I am a good cook, love to create recipes BUT use healthy ingredients.

Dr went looking for gallbladder issues.



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