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Help please advice needed

I have just been told the severe pain in my heel im feeling is planter facilitus, i was given crutches and told it can take up to 8 to 12 weeks hopefully to recover, ive taken a week of work, and been told by my employer who doesnt pay sick, i cant use my crutches in work due to health and safety i am tols try and rest my foot as much as possible, when i go bk to work this is impossible.....i cant afford to stay off as ssp isnt enough to pay my bills....can my employer refuse the use of my crutches and should they be offering me light duties untill fit, my company are the worst im in total bits over this....idealy i would love to stay home to rest and recover but with the presure of bills above my head ive got not choice to battle through. Please can anyone help..x

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So sorry to hear this Willowwag and totally understand your dilemma. Hugs. Can't advise you as to the legal aspects ... CAB probably can though. Tip: the sandal/shoe/boot range of FitFlops is excellent for PF. I wish you better soon. x


Hi so sorry to hear what you are going though. Your employer is totally disgraceful, you should be able to use your crutches in any workforce this is totally discriminating against you not to do so. Look over the equality act that provides guidelines on people in your situation. They should also pay for sick leave. Hope things get better. would like to hear how things progress.


Hi both thank you for the advice im going to try give cab a ring see what they say my company sucks.. Will keep you posted on any news x


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