Coincidence or what?

Diagnosed with Connective Tissue Disease and had more blood tests yesterday. I have been fairly well for a couple of weeks and then after tests I sat in the sun at 230pm for an hr. I got woken up with a severe headache, hot and sweaty (temp) red eyes and dehydrated. I got up had some water, paracetamol and ibroprophen and still have the headache now and temperature. Also I'm aching all over and neck ache and lymph nodes in neck are up again. How do your flares start and is this a similar occurance for any of you?

I'm supposed to be going to Spain in 2 weeks for my Mums 70th Birthday and I'm worried.


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8 Replies

  • These flares start by sitting in the sun for an hour then the rest is what you ended up with. I suggest when you get to Spain you find yourself a big floppy hat and a big shade tree, a nice recliner and save your energy for the "Party". Sorry, we never learn!

  • I'm thinking it is the sun thats triggering all these symptoms. All summer I've sat in the same position when poorly, thats just by the french doors, where the sun blazes in.It hasn't really occured to me before now. I shall be doing just that in Spain, going out in the evening only. My heads still hurting now, phoned the Dr earlier and he told me to take co codamol and to see him tomorrow if no better. Thank you for commenting x

  • stress sure doesnt help a deflated balloon in seconds...

  • I've noticed lol also as soon as I start a flare my mood changes dramatically. I go from me to some sort of Ogre, being angry, irrititated, and have no patience what so ever, I don't like me when I'm like this! How do you cope with stress?

  • When you go to Spain take with you an Avene Eau Thermale spring water spray. It is a fine mist spray which I use on my face and upper body and it is really lovely. Not expensive either. I have a large size which I keep in the fridge and use when I'm cooking and if I'm hot at home. Then there is a smaller handbag size which is useful when going out. I get mine from and I also use other Avene products, factor 50+ face creams, all sorts of good things with no parabens or irritants. All reasonable priced too. Try and do what the other replies say and stay out of the sun (and in my case even bright light or a white sky). The only thing I can offer for stress is to put a little lavender oil on a handkerchief and keep in a small plastic bag so that you can take it out and breathe deeply from it when you feel stressed. I hope you enjoy your break. Kind wishes.

  • Be like me sit in the shade fake tan up you will look as healthy as everyone else, and well enough to enjoy ur holiday,. Me and the sun don't get on but you can't stop doing things u enjoy just take correct measures to enjoy it high sun screams shade plenty of water in the day and chillax in the shade cx

  • I want a good fake tan hate the smell and feel of most

  • Thank you, I've ordered the Avene Eau Thermale spring water, will be here in 2 days but will still stay out of the sun. I've noticed over the last couple of years that white skys effect my eyes and I need my sun glasses all year round, especially whilst driving, to prevent headaches and eye irritation.

    I used to love my fake tan but this year, I started to react to that, red itchy raised rash.

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