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Ive just sent off an ESA claim yesterday and have had no payments or been told I will receive any.... This morning Ive received my ESA50 which has to be filled in before the beginning of November! I still need to see the Rheumatologist (first appointment) and have an MRI and see the Dermatologist .... Is this right they will not pay me anything until I am assessed? Im depressed enough as it is :(

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ya you dont need stress...


have u been in reciept benifits befour this if u have they should pay i was on incapacity benifit for years then had fill form then go medical did place me wrag group appeald now in support group two years u need got job centre asp inquire like today ok


Hi jimsalisbury12345, I was on JSA, however my symptoms got worse and was told I had to claim ESA ... Im still under medical investigation but my GP gave me an "Unfit note" for 4 weeks ... now I dont no where I am? Will they pay me ESA (same amount as JSA) or will I have to wait for a decision when they get my ESA50 form? I so worried and its making my sleeping worse :(


Hi Elle-26,

My understanding is that if you are allowed into the 'assessment phase' of ESA then you should receive the same rate as JSA until either you fail a medical assessment or they award you ESA.

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yes what paul said right it can be long drawn but esa higher than job seekers i hope u can get placed support it not easy to i had fight long time get there refused what were sayng fit do work but yes you shoukld get payed ceratin amout go job cenre check it out


Thank you all, I phoned ESA and they gave me some piece of mind that I will get a payment. They did have to call me back though as the person that answers the calls did not know and waited for someone to call me back from payments department .... Just a bit shocked to get my ESA50 before conformation of being accepted for ESA.

Yes jimsalisbury 12345, the ESA50 is bad enough, as Ive not seen the Reumatologist yet and they want the form in just before my appointment ... I really want to work but Im fatigued & in pain all the time ... maybe my meds may start to kick in , due to see my Dermatologist tomorrow ( she has been so understanding) .... I dont think i have the energy physically or mentally to go to the ATOS assessment ... just hoping for many peoples sake that ATOS will be scrapped ... Some MP's are speaking out due to the complaints ... xxx


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