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Does anybody else have problems with their primary healthcare. GP/Pharmacist and repeat prescriptions?

I am really not kidding when I say this. I am on quite an extensive list of meds but by and large they are repeats, most of which are supposed to be re-issued by the GPs admin staff (following earlier instructions from the GP) and then there are a couple of meds that the GP must further authorise each month according to blood results. I HONESTLY cannot remember when I last got my meds resupplied seamlessly. I have had problems with the resupply every month for at least the last 6 months. Something being left off the prescription is the commonest fault but this month along with two items not making their way to the prescription list, I notice that the dosage of one of my drugs has been changed on the script without me being aware of any lowering of dosages, I also receive two drugs by home delivery and each month these appear on the list of drugs to be dispensed. I dont take them from the pharmacist.

Anybody have similar issues / Advice on resolutions?. It forces me to make extra appointments to sort out what should be seamless.

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hi i am taking 11 different meds at the moment i need bloods for two as well provided i get blood tests organized in time results back in time checked in time meds ordered in time and repeats ordered in time i just go to the chemist and pick them up .

the better organized you are the less stressed you are if you have lupus or any other chronic illness you have the better .

i have my blood tests booked well in advance alarms set on my mobile to suit tests and results and to remind me to check other meds aswell. hope your well g


aaahhh tell me about it!! Indeed I do. Its bad enough being ill without having all the hassle of trying to sort out prescriptions with all and sundry.


This system frustrates me sooo much that I have often considered just not bothering about taking my meds and suffering whatever comes next. I would be more understanding if I could really be provided with what causes the breakpoints and what steps were in place to attempt to resolve such issues properly. So that they have no need to reoccur month on month.

The surgery always appears busy. There is a queue system to see the receptionist. But this involves a physical queue (no ticket system) where you can easily have to wait 30 mins. When you get seen, the standard response is, "You have to submit a request for your meds at least 48hrs in advance"

Everytime I say I have submitted the request. Indeed I have even taken to capturing photos of submitted requests now as proof that I have requested the meds. It just makes no difference.

All this at a time when primary care is seen to be the best way forward. I've just had enough of it.


Oh and then the jolly part when the script is sent electronically to the pharmacist. There shouldnt be any breakpoints there. WRONG.

I have received meds for other patients in error. I have had the wrong strength of meds dispensed. Every month the chemist seem to lose my huge bags of meds. And an hours wait at the pharmacist after return trips is becoming the order of the day. Fitting this around periods of incapacity where all I want to do is take rest is getting beyond the pail.

I just want to scream.

Yesterday I spoke to the pharamacist at the chemist. He is always very polite and understanding. But each month the same thing. It makes me want to throw poison darts.


My pharmacy continually forgets to pick up the morphine prescription as it is in a separate box for controlled drugs. Even if I ring them and say there is a list of ordinary meds and one for morphine they still forget. The receptionist says they have to ask for them, the pharmacy say the receptionist should hand it over without being asked. The last time my husband collected both lots of prescriptions and went to a different pharmacy in protest!


I am a huge fan of the NHS and dont like to make a fuss. Being fully aware of workloads etc. I am also aware of the need for procedures, but when procedures get in the way of patient care or when they are used to provide cover for continual errors or bad service it is unacceptable.

I complained to my surgery and was then told I still needed to put in a further written report and that I would have to make an appointment to take things further. The original complaint was written but obviously that was not good enough. This has all come after so many months of continually complaining at the surgery reception and the pharmacy.

Surely there should be some protection for patients


Another whinge.

Just been to collect meds and 33% is apparently unavailable at pharmacy. Pharmacy say they did not get anything from GP for the missing meds. But I know that the missing items were on different med request slips and some things from the slips have made it to completion. So who is at fault this time? GPs surgery or pharmacy? I absolutely hate going to collect my meds as it is just a complete frustration.

I cant understand why it is seemingly sooooo difficult to carry out this task.

This comes after I have complained to both the surgery and the pharmacy.


Unable to assess just who may have been at fault this time I rang my surgery to see if they had in fact dispensed the missing items.

I was told that 2 items that had previously been electronically sent to the pharmacy couldnt actually be sent electronically???????

But the most puzzling bit was two meds that require a GPs authorisation have for some reason not made it through the process but there is no onus from anyone at the surgery to let the patient know if there is an issue.


Whoever thought that leaving patients at the mercy of primary healthcare was a good thing needs their head examining.


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