Acute Kidney Failure???

Okay so recently I have been very ill and have an intolerance to food ie chicken, rice, kebab etc. Some foods I can tolerate others I will bring up also there is people in the house that eat the same food as me so it cant be food poisoning because no one else has been sick I came across a symptom checklist on WebMD and it took me to acute kidney failure I will list my symptoms as to see if anyone can help with what could be wrong should I be be considering a kidney problem or something else. my symptoms are: confusion, decreased appetite, increased urination, dry mouth, increased thirst, feeling lightheaded or dizzy, vomiting, nausea, palpatations, drowsiness feeling constantly tired, muscle pain and slight discomfort in very low abdomen area right above private area. Putting all this into consideration I have been going through slight leakage of protein from the kidney and have been having regular dipstick tests to keep a check up, so what I would love to no could this be the problem is their any other problems what could be causing this thank you for reading and for your time. All info much appreciated.

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Other than the loss of appetite, the symptoms are very much what most of us experience generally with lupus, not specifically acute kidney disease. Before going crazy thinking your kidneys have packed up, try and see your specialist or your GP to do some gastro and kidney tests. These sites have good intentions but are far too simplistic to be accurate, so use them as general guidance but a consultation with your doctor is still the best bet.


A few years back I did have a renal crisis. My legs became elephantine with all the increased water retention. There were VERY noticeable physical changes in my case. If your GP is already carrying out regular checks you are probably considered to be safe. But you can always request copies of any health details in order that you may be able to monitor trends yourself.

I find the problem with this condition is that it is always lurking in the background even when it is apparently quiet. So its all too easy to attribute each to thing to it.

Something that I have found over time is that drugs that may have been okay at one time either need doses altering or stopping/exchanging for something different.

Something else that can prove useful is to keep a food diary for a while and note down all intakes and what you felt like at the time. It might provide some extra answers


The food diary seems a good idea cause I seem to be hitting a blank wall and gathering information to find I haven't got the problem. I have been sick today that was eating a ready meal of chilli con carne and could barely keep it down within five minutes it was up I have stopped diarreha though its all about the lower belly pain and the vomiting after a certain meal cause I don't vomit after every food its just certain food that will cause me to vomit and I have no idea why thanks for the food diary idea


I had most of those symptoms when my Kidneys went south. (Also had most of those symtons during a flare) As you are getting regular dip stick tests at least if it is renal failure it will be caught early. Food high in Salt made me vomit quite a lot. Cant eat tin foods or processed foods anymore because of the high salt content. A Food dairy is the way to go, am sure you will figure out what food does not like you anymore!!


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