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I go away on Saturday for a week I take daily Herapin injections I have a dr's note and my repeat prescription and I called First Choice a few weeks ago to let them know. Do I put all 8 injections (for week plus one spare) in hand luggage or in hold? Should I ask when checking in? I am such a worrier and don't want to a) risk losing them if hold luggage goes missing b) have them taken off me if put in hand luggage. Advice welcome first time travelling since diagnosed. Also taking Prednidolone and hydroxychloroquine which are on my repeat prescription.

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morning, when I was on Clexane , I put them in my hand luggage and suit case, always careful enough in case I needed them.

I found it no problem at all. Diabetics must do this all the time . I did tell the scan people that I had syringes in my luggage they didn't worry about it at all.

I would put your sharps box in there too. . I put mine in the suitcase

Have a lovely Holiday.

Just a thought do you have Hughes syndrome as well, their is some good information about flying on there


HAND luggage but say you are prepared to hand it to the flight crew on entry to the flight and collect when leaving. Most countries do NOT let you take steroids in without you filling in a form on the flight. I have Always kept my medication in my hand luggage and as soon as I land, I go to the nearest Security guard and show them my letter and repeat script. They have always said Thank you and taken me straight to the front of the Que with the rest of my luggage. ALWAYS go to the TOP one in charge, when both departing and arriving. Good Luck and enjoy your


Hi I have travelled several times in the past by plane and was advised to keep a supply of my medications in my hand luggage just in case I was parted from my hold luggage for any unforseen reason - these things happen. It may be worth contacting the airline in advance to say that you will need to carry your injections with you in which case their staff will be ready to take it off you and hand it to you if you need it whilst in the air. With the security as strict as it is these days you are probably best to check first so you know what to do, the number will be on your tickets or other travel documentation.

Have a safe journey and keep well so you can enjoy it

Madmagz x


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