2 great dryness/sjogrens treatments now available by NHS prescription

Hello all.

Just found out that 2 OTCs my NHS consultants have specified in my eye clinic & gyn treatment plans are now going to be available on the NHS:

MGD Rx EyeBags (for dry eyes generally, but especially meibomian gland dysfunction...I've been getting these from amazon)


YES products for dry gyn symptoms (my GP added these to my repeat prescription list last week)


These products have been helping me hugely for several years. I can't recommend them enough. Am sure quite a few of you know about them already, but if you don't: check them out...and talk to your drs

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  • Hi Barnclown,

    Great news! Can you please let me know if this applies to NHS Scotland or NHS England and Wales as they have different budgets and therefore make different prescribing decisions? Thanks.

  • Hmm: of course! Good point❗️ Sorry: I forgot about this distinction....are you in Scotland or Wales?

    I discovered the Yes is approved for England (where I live) when I was reordering from the Yes website recently, and my GP has confirmed I do get this on repeat prescription now

    am thinking the EyeBag is at least England, but haven't seen my GP yet to add this to my repeats

    I vvv much hope both the Yes products & the EyeBag are available in Scotland & Wales. Will update this thread when I can get clarification...In the meantime, if anyone finds out: please let us inow

  • I'm up in Scotland .... where the only thing that's dry are my eyes!!!!

  • Thanks for making me laugh! Am off for my nap, chuckling!

  • )now now lubie

    It has been nice and not much rain for weeks now

    Hope your ok g

  • Hello,

    If you check the website for the eyebags it says that it will be available on NHS prescription in England & Wales from 1st October 2015.

    Hope this helps

    Kindest Regards

    Sarah x

  • The eyebag thingy sounds great .I have struggled to hot wet flannel my eyes properly since the CRPS in hand and the eyebag sounds a perfect solution. So thankful for you posting as was wanting to find something easier but only ever really think when eyes are really dry and that's when I don't go a googling.

    You're amazing !

    Written it on an ask at necxt appt.list.


  • Exactly: I was using the damp warm wash rag system and it actually irritated & inflamed my so called periorbital area. Then an amazing consultant expert in immune dysfunction patients at our NHS eye clinic put me onto this EyeBag. he is now at moorfields...I was so lucky to see him here before he disappeared. We don't have a microwave, but the EyeBag directions explain it can be heated in the oven too, which works fine for me. Hope you'll let us know how you get on👍🍀

  • Hi Barnclown-

    Do you happen to know if a doc can refuse to give this eye bag on NHS? as mine has-and I live in England.

  • i'm in england & haven't actually tried to get my gp to prescribe this eye bag yet because they last a long time & i haven't needed a new one...there are so many changes going on in the NHS, maybe there has been a stop put on these eye bags? but i'd think that if a patient has a formal hospital eye clinic diagnosis of Miebomian gland dysfunction &/or SJOGRENS dry eyes, then a patient would have a good basis for negotiating with a gp about this....please let me know what you find out

  • Like this post BC. Many thanks will ask GP. Like Luppiebbie I'm in Scotland and like Luppiebbie my eyes are the only dry part! Although to be fair we are having an Indian Summer here.

    The optician said my eyes were "slapping" the other day and reminded me to use baby shampoo mixed in warm water to clean the tear ducts out every morning - but if I haven't time then he thought there was a product that did this job in one called Bleph something.

    However I've been good girl and gone back to diligently using the old fashioned method of washing eyes daily and found my lacrilube for nights and when I remember I get the hylo forte drops out. I get both on repeat prescription.

    He said that he'd had a patient the previous week who, like me, had become remiss about treatment and too late had acquired irreversible retinal damage. So important to keep the treatment up. A bit of an eye opener that (sorry for the irresistible pun!)!


  • Yes, this really is serious: we can get into all sorts of bad trouble if we don't follow a good dry eyes treatment plan. Ulcers are no joke. So far my blepharitis is the meibomian type & is relatively cooperative with just regular use of the EyeBag & daytime & nightine prescription topicals generally...so have mainly avoided the baby shampooing

    Another tip from this fab eye consultant was to ditch the lacrilube rheumatology had given me (lacrilube, he said, is his least fav nighttime lubricant due to its gummy stickiness...which I really didn't like + the smeary out of focus vision it gave me).. His fav night time lubricant is artelac night time gel, which I also get on prescription & use every night. The daytime drops he prescribed are hylo tears - they are great...I get both the normal & the stronger type. xo

  • I'm writing this down BC so that I can ask my new GP for a recommended alternative to Lacrilube which I loathe! Tx

  • Not sure how best to broach the subject ..re. yesyesyes yes.. hmmmmm... Any suggestion? thank you lol

  • I know! Fortunately, my nice lady GP & I have considerable history re gyn treatments! She was actually so delighted that she literally grabbed the Yes info I'd printed off the web for her...am sure there are lots of patients would be v glad of Yes. I feel v lucky she is my GP

  • Sounds fabulous, Barnclown - I too, have longstanding history of urogynae issues. Such is Lupus!! Thank you.

  • Yes...good old lupus. Wish none of us have this stuff on our plates.

    I am always so glad when I can see a female GP or consultant about these depts....but not all women drs are good...and I have had one especially wonderful male gyn. Right now my female surgeon urologist is wowing me big time....her dept chief put me right into her after my first clinic appt: he really really didn't want to get involved. But at the same hospital, the female gyns are another matter...ok, I guess, but...

  • Sounds superb. I must admit that I received so much help from Gynae (several of them). I'm so glad that this topic came up thanks to your helpful thread. Have a wonderful day, tc :-)

  • 👌👏👋🍀

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