Struggling emotionally - Counseling support needed

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis about 2 months ago and it has really changed a lot for me. I feel I have a whirlwind of emotions all the time and have so many things through my mind constantly. I think this forum has helped a great deal as have my family and close friends but i feel like a broken record when I'm not feeling happy and cant seem to explain how i truly feel. I am really considering getting some one on one counseling support. Would anyone be able to recommend anywhere in Essex or London?



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It might be best to ask your GP to refer you for counselling. There are a lot of good counsellors out there, but it's difficult to know who to recommend. Hopefully your GP can point you in the right direction. I hope you get the help you need soon. x


Hi there, I don't know what services are offered in your area, but definitely start with your GP as Chicklette says, as you want someone reputable. My GP offers an in-house counselling service where I was referred last year to receive six sessions of counselling, it was a great help, where I could express how angry and confused I was and try to accept and come to terms with my illness.

If I'm honest I didn't actually feel the benefit instantly, but the discussions obviously resonated with me as I often reflect on the issues and now feel the benefit of those sessions.

All the best, it is a difficult time and often one that takes some time to come to terms with, but you will, with a little help.



Hi, apologies for this being a quick response, I'm using my phone so haven't been able to check if I am repeating others responses.

Firstly, I feel for you. We all understand.

I needed help when I was diagnosed with lupus and Aps, I have also had MS for almost 10 years. The very best help I had was provided by my local hospice by a psychotherapist, they don't only deal with the terminally ill, so don't be afraid of the idea of hospice help. They may even be able to come to your home. For me their help was amazing and better than counselling.

Thinking of you x


I am going to cosign what every has said.

Speak to your GP asap

Be very honest about how you feel.

I knew something wasn't right with me for months before i went and asked for help and I found that even admitting it to the GP felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders


If you speak to your GP, he might have a tied counsellor, or he may have a practice psychiatric nurse. The CPN will usually take a more clinic approach, which is not always a bad thing.

I trained as a counsellor, but the first time I found myself in need of emotional support chose to go the CPN route. And dont regret it. I needed to get to the bottom of a historical family thing, and didnt want anyone elses agenda getting in the way or steering me wrong.

That said, I am a great believer in the counselling process, and have seen a counsellor for time..` After each session I felt at least five stone lighter.

Look up BAC - British Association for Counselling -on the net for a list of approved bods.


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