ATOS limited capability for work - I now understand everyone's concerns !!!

I have been unable to work for the past 13 years so have filled out many a form for incapacity benefit and DLA. Although the previous forms were very long at least all the questions actually related to your everyday well being and no aspect was over looked.

I have now read the much shorter version and am seriously concerned, they are having a laugh !!!

If you can put your hand in your pocket, lift a pint of milk and slide from one seat to the adjacent one, then we are obviously fit for work - yippee I must be cured.

Good luck to all of you going through this stressful assessment, I feel a lot of appeals coming on.

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  • I have filled out 2 ESA forms [Income support before that] and in the year between them the question on steps and stairs had changed from can you manage, I think 12 [could have been 10] to two. A big difference.

  • I noticed that too.

  • Sent my completed forms in on Monday, with relevant evidence from my medics. In the 16 months since my last assessment, the forms have changed for sure. I find this exercise extremely tedious, not to mention stressful. Will let you know the outcome.

    My advice absolutely seek free advice, CAB, DIAL to name two sources.

    Good luck, and try to stay strong, I know it is hard having to fight, but if people give in, that is what they want.

  • I know of someone (not lupus related) but who has had a stroke, left with brain damage that affects balance, cognitive ability and levels of activity, exertion etc. They were pensioned off work some 12 years ago and received full DLA/incapacity etc and has now been taken off everything and deemed as 'fit for work' despite their specialist consultant (neurologist) advising they are unsafe to ever work again without posing a serious risk to themselves and others!

    Why is this you ask, because they can put a pen in their top pocket, and lift a small empty box!

    It is really worrying that the current administration are getting away with treating the vulnerable in society so appallingly badly!

  • I agree it is a joke who ever made up these tests! as I can feed and dress and stand for 3 minutes I was told to stop wasting their time claiming,that was 2008 and weve sold everything we can to keep a roof over our heads and food in tummies.......they should spend a day in OUR shoes!!!..........rant over,time for a cuppa :)

  • I was told I could work because I can eat and drink in public and I am not incontinent. Giz-a-job!! :)

  • Hi guys

    I am an interloper from the Hughes Syndrome Foundation community (and have just had a lupus diagnosis added to Hughes and possible Sjogrens) but saw this conversation and wanted to recommend a website and organisation to all who are having trouble with ATOS and benefits. Please check out Many years ago I worked for the CAB and got to know these people (under an earlier name) and they were one of the best sources of information going. I was on Incapacity Benefit myself and used knowledge gleaned from them for some of my battles. (Now I am a pensioner and no longer personally affected but still detest what ATOS is being allowed to get away with and the hell they cause for people). I cannot recommend B&W highly enough, they must be some of the best informed people in the country on these issues and an invaluable source of help. I still pay a small subscription just as a way of saying thanks for the help I had. I wish you all well and hope that it won't be too long before some justice returns for the sick and disabled.


  • Tim, I can't thank you enough, this site is amazing.

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